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Four Advantages of Working for Angie Weinberger

Guest Post by Oyindamola Adedokun, m Working for Angie Weinberger helped me a lot. I had just graduated from studying international relations at the university; I was frantically searching for a role that would give me some global experience. Coupled with that was a desperate desire to find someone who could mentor and guide me in an international setting. On one of those days, when I was surfing the internet to see what opportunity I could get, I came in contact with Angie on Instagram. Unknown to me, she is the managing director of Global People Transitions, GmbH, so I asked that she mentor me in the global mobility field. She graciously requested that I share my resume and informed […]

Increase Your Executive Presence

When you feel like you need to increase your Executive Presence, you can learn these five basic methods I teach in my coaching practice. Many of you don’t seem to be all that present these days, even if we’re in the room. You take your phone out as soon as you get on the train. You skim through your emails and see that you forgot to save the legal document before you attached it. Your colleague across the ocean is confused. After three emails, you’re able to clear up the confusion. You apologize. You know you must come across as being stressed out. Even though you know that you have dealt with higher stress levels in your life, there is […]

Recruiting Fail Could Easily be Avoided

Photo: Geoff Pegler

Global Mobility Managers are increasingly involved in recruiting international talent. This makes a lot of sense when you consider that we have the knowledge and skills to deal with most of the challenges that hiring people from other countries brings. However, since we are not officially responsible in most organizations, we don’t get the necessary resources to handle recruiting professionally. Hence, we can consult but not support. So, dear recruiters, I hope this is helpful. The Search for the Right International Talent “Lifestyle Expats” are an essential factor in today’s global force, and the actual circumstances suggest that the phenomenon is on the rise (Habti & Elo, 2019). Thanks to technological changes, such as online recruiting, the labor market has […]

Do you Want to Live a Life Full of Purpose?


Did you just have another day where you cleaned up your desk, wondered what you had achieved today, and got home to a stack of dishes, a pile of clothes, and a crying son? Did you spend last night driving your daughter to SCUBA class, squeezed in a conference call, and forgot that it was your mother’s birthday? Did you then at 11 PM sit down thinking “Why am I not moving on with my life?”Often we think we are too busy to do the right thing, the Ph.D. we want to start, the Master’s we want to finish, the weight loss program, and the healthy nutrition we want to implement. We keep ourselves too busy to meet a new […]

The Push for Rainbow Talent in Global Mobility – Part 5

Rainbow Talent is diverse

The Push for Rainbow Talent in Global Mobility – Part 5 Welcome to a world beyond the spectrum, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and colors come alive with their own unique talents. In this captivating journey, we delve into the depths of a rainbow’s palette and unravel the hidden treasures that lie within. From the vibrant reds that ignite passion to the soothing blues that inspire serenity, each hue possesses a remarkable gift waiting to be embraced. Join us as we explore the awe-inspiring talents of a rainbow and discover how we can unlock our own potential by embracing the diversity that surrounds us. Whether it’s the powerful leadership of indigo or the creative genius of yellow, there is a […]