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Planning for Rocking Success

21 Verses to Find Your Tact as an Inclusive Leader

Do you approach each new year with renewed vigor and plans for self-improvement? Perhaps a better gym routine or healthier lifestyle habits? Maybe you wish to tackle your work differently. Do you then find yourself not able to sustain these plans beyond a few weeks? New Year’s resolutions often end up lacking consistency, so we prefer to set our intentions and one word for the year. We also think this time of the year is great for setting new learning goals and for updating our old learning targets. If you want to break through in 2024 try this: 1- Join us for a Global Rockstar Session What is important to me when I work with clients in 1:1 Executive Coaching […]

Lack of Digital Competence Affecting Your Productivity

This article has highlighted the importance of digital competence and how it can affect your productivity. It has also highlighted the different ways you can improve your digital competence and how you can use it to your advantage.

Global Virtual Team Drama

Photo Credit: Geoff Pegler Women in Global Mobility

We have become accustomed to Global Virtual Team drama and are used to arguing in meetings to position ourselves. Sometimes, you want to win over the other person’s view. It’s about who is better than the other. On the surface. Have you ever considered jumping into an argument easily not because you want to move the team forward and “think further and outside the box” but because you like power? Have you considered that you are worried about losing power when you treat your team members with respect and listen to them instead of thinking that you know best of all? My team tends to discuss many topics at length, as everyone has a different background and worldview. Sometimes, we […]