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Diversify Your Income: 24 Unique Side Hustles for Extra Cash This Holiday Season in Zurich, Switzerland


The holiday season is here, and so is the opportunity to boost your income with creative side hustles! In this blog post, we’ll explore seven unconventional ways to earn extra cash and make your festive season even merrier. Follow the #HireMeExpress across all media and check out Angie Weinberger’s Instagram page and our LinkedIn page too. 1. Intercultural Country Resource: Looking to tap into your local knowledge? Become an Intercultural Country Resource! You don’t need extensive training; just a deep understanding of your location. Offering online sessions for about $200 per 2 hours can be a rewarding way to share your expertise. Join an association like SIETAR to be connected with a Senior Expert. SIETAR Switzerland is holding Christmas Apéro’s […]

Offline Networking in the Digital Age


Offline Networking in the Digital Age The holiday season is upon us and with the advent of the advent which starts rather late this year I was reminded of the high quality of offline networking. Did you also miss holiday events, dinners, and Gluhwein at the Christmas markets and just realize that you are in for a treat in 2023? I know that the world has significant issues and that we are steering towards even more difficult geopolitical tension and environmental challenges than ever. However, living in an expat bubble and focusing on living God’s will through your daily work might just mean doing it anyway despite everything that is going on around us. Modern society has evolved in many […]

The ‘Bourne Effect’ – Why you Need a Personal Brand

Why do you need a personal brand? How are your work principles related to your personal brand? The " Bourne Effect"

The ‘Bourne Effect’ – Why You Need a Personal Brand You are Jason Bourne, you wake up in a hotel room in a Middle Eastern country. It’s too hot in your room. You sweat and you just woke up from a nightmare. You are not sure if this nightmare is a memory because you cannot remember who you are. How will it be possible for you to connect with anyone? How will you trust others if you do not even know who you are? What if you have changed your identity so often that you cannot even clearly pronounce your name? This is a challenge and you are probably shaking your head. “This is a movie, it’s not real.”.  Yes, […]

Successful Immigration to Germany via the New Blue Card

Sandipta Jadhav

The New Blue Card Your Ticket to a Successful Immigration to Germany A Guest Post By Sandipta Jadhav, Immigration Lawyer, and Global Mobility Specialist New Blue Card statistics and success stories Since its introduction, the Blue Card program has been a resounding success, attracting highly skilled workers from around the world to Germany. With high numbers of Indians, Chinese, and Turkish nationals also have a deep interest in relocating to Germany. The program has contributed significantly to the German economy, with BlueCard holders bringing their expertise and innovation to various industries.  As you are aware, nationalities like Indian, Chinese, and Korean are always looking for overseas options in the dream of an advanced lifestyle. I believe this is the best […]

Elevator Pitches for Dummies

Angie Weinberger

Elevator Pitches for Dummies I’m teaching others how to do a two-minute elevator pitch. But I’m less than perfect when it comes to pitching myself. I sometimes have to rush to an event and am not well prepared. Once, I saw the issue coming when more and more other coaches (competition!) entered the hall. It was like a movie scene. The potential clients came streaming towards us as if they had thought about it. I ended up chatting with one woman. Then the coordinator asked us to pitch. I wanted to use storytelling, but it did not fit into her structure, and (damn!) I had not even written down what to say. It was a matter of unpreparedness because I […]