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Do you have the Holiday Blues?

Back to the Telephone

The holidays are over and you are probably already getting back-to-work blues. That’s alright, most of us  experience a form of adjustment and maybe even feel a little overwhelmed at the change of pace. I thought I could ease myself in slowly by starting on Thursday already and then it hit me like a snowball. Friday, I was working away in a frenzy and did about four loads of washing at the same time. (I know, multitasking is not good for the brain, but every machine run is a bit like a smoking break – not that I smoke…but you get the gist.) Since a long time I haven’t written a to-do-list other than the ones, I write to structure […]

Hack the Swiss Job Market with our next HireMeGroup


With our HireMeGroup we hack the job market in Switzerland through developing strong business connections. Have you been looking for a job or a new job for more than six months? Have you written over 100 online applications without getting a positive response – EVER? And are you sure that there are jobs in your field but you just never get a chance to show that you could excel at them? And are you worried that you will never be able to feed your family, that your kids will never get the education they deserve and that your partner despises you for being at home? Then it’s time to work with us. Because these are all good reasons to join […]