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Five Safety Stops for Expatriate Health and Wellbeing


Expatriate Health and Wellbeing has been on my mind since the Pandemic. During the height of the Pandemic, my mother could not find yeast for weeks. Her village in southern Germany had a yeast shortage. We didn’t have a shortage of anything here in Zurich, neither toilet paper nor yeast, even though demand for both was higher than in “normal” times. I went to SPAR and bought five packs of dry yeast. The man at the post office laughed when I told him what was in the small parcel. My mother and aunt love to bake, even in “normal” times. The price for the package was higher than the value of the goods, but this was the only thing I […]

Digital Intercultural Coaching – Hype or Hip?


A digital intercultural coaching practice is a great idea if you want to become a digital nomad as a grown-up. In 2017, I offered a barcamp session at the SIETAR conference (rather spontaneously). I later wrote an article for the SEU Journal titled, “Digitalizing Your Intercultural Coaching Practice – Ten Steps to a Digital, Global Coaching Practice.” The article is so old that I can’t find it online anymore. Who would have thought that I would be a trendsetter (again)? It scares me how I sometimes foresee an idea like coaching an expat via a smartphone, and ten years later, this has become a reality in my world. I remember that, at the time, the participants were a bit skeptical. […]