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Help in a Geopolitical Conflict as a Global Mobility Manager

Help in Geopolitical Conflicts as a Global Mobility Manager

We want to share a few thoughts about the situation in Gaza. For the sake of humanity (as a whole, and the humanity of all our brothers and sisters in Israel and Palestine), please take these points into account when you read information online and especially before you like or repost something you find on social media. Use social media responsibly. Use social media to do good. Remember, a minority commits acts of terrorism, and the large majority of people in the world do not support terrorists. Support Your Expats in a Geopolitical Conflict as a Global Mobility Manager Clarify your roles and responsibilities for the expat and business traveler population affected by conflict and war. Your company should have […]

First Things First – How you can help Refugees in this War

Angie Weinberger

We are all deeply saddened by what is happening in Ukraine and our hearts go out to all the people suffering in this conflict, no matter what their passport says. We stand with Ukraine. We condemn violence. We pray for peace. Immediate Actions – How You Can Help Right Now (Status: Tuesday, 8 March 22) Keep yourself informed about the security situation on the ground and in the neighboring countries. Ensure that you are mentally ready to support others and feel free to reach out to Angie if you wish to talk. The best way to reach her right now is through her mobile phone. Provide a shower or room: In Switzerland, organizations such as Campax are looking for accommodation […]