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Ten Tips for Writing Inclusive Job Postings in Switzerland


Job postings are crucial in attracting diverse talent, but overt and subtle discriminatory language can inadvertently exclude certain groups. In Switzerland, where diversity is supposedly valued, discriminatory language must be recognized and eliminated from job advertisements. Creating inclusive job postings in Switzerland fosters diversity and attracts many talents. Organizations can contribute to a more equitable and welcoming job market by carefully crafting language and eliminating unintentional biases. Why do we need to get better at writing inclusive job postings? Diverse Talent Pool: Inclusive language attracts candidates from various backgrounds, promoting a diverse and dynamic workforce. We suffer from a lack of talent, and at the same time, we hold back diverse talent from applying to our jobs because we use […]

Recruiting Fail Could Easily be Avoided

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Global Mobility Managers are increasingly involved in recruiting international talent. This makes a lot of sense when you consider that we have the knowledge and skills to deal with most of the challenges that hiring people from other countries brings. However, since we are not officially responsible in most organizations, we don’t get the necessary resources to handle recruiting professionally. Hence, we can consult but not support. So, dear recruiters, I hope this is helpful. The Search for the Right International Talent “Lifestyle Expats” are an essential factor in today’s global force, and the actual circumstances suggest that the phenomenon is on the rise (Habti & Elo, 2019). Thanks to technological changes, such as online recruiting, the labor market has […]

Self-Exploitation of Female Founders

Female Founder Angie Weinberger has been running Global People Transitions since 2010

The Self-Exploitation of Female Founders Seven Reasons for a Lack of Income I asked #ChatGPT why #Google reviews are critical and why you should support female founders. Supporting a female founder is essential for fostering diversity and equality in business. Here are a few reasons why it’s important: 🌟 Diversity of Perspectives: Female founders often bring unique perspectives and experiences to the business landscape. Embracing diversity in leadership can lead to more innovative and creative solutions. 👩‍🎤 Representation Matters: By supporting female founders, you contribute to breaking down gender stereotypes and encourage more women to pursue entrepreneurship. Visible role models inspire others to follow suit. 💹 Economic Impact: Empowering female entrepreneurs can positively impact the economy. Studies have shown that […]

The Swiss Summer Slump

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The Swiss Summer Slump Seven Margheritas and Margaritas to Make More of the Downtime The Swiss Summer Slump is around the corner. From Mid-July to Mid August, Switzerland seems to fall asleep. Despite the recession and terminations of contracts in the banking and IT sector, I expect the “Swiss Summer Slump” very soon. Decision-makers aren’t around to take interviews, and your chances of finding a job over the summer holidays are usually lower than in busy times. So if you haven’t signed a contract by now, I bet you won’t sign one within the next four weeks. Yes, I will invite you to Margherita and Margarita, if you prove me wrong. With the start of international and Swiss school holidays, […]

Get the Recruiter’s Attention with a Swiss Cover Letter

We teach you everything about the Swiss Job Market including Swiss Cover Letter writing

Get the Recruiter’s Attention with a Swiss Cover Letter You might be in a position right now where either you are worried about losing your job, or you are already looking for a new job. Maybe you have even been looking for a while already. Perhaps you feel it’s time to update your resume and your job-searching skills, just in case. Anyhow, I thought you could use this reminder from my older publication, “The Global Career Workbook,” on how to get a Swiss recruiter’s attention. The Global Career Workbook Cover letter writing is an art. With modern technology, applicants often do not see the need to write a cover letter these days, but in my opinion, it is the most […]