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A Tale of Three Tickets

A Tale of Three Tickets – Being an International Business Traveler in the Digital Age International Business Travelers can face many issues. As a Consultant, I would tell you about all the compliance issues and the option of being detained if you get caught with the wrong visa or work permit. This is my tale of trying to book a ticket involving three countries: Switzerland, Germany, and France. Once upon a time in a land far away, locked inside a few mountains, a middle-aged lady, Mrs. W. tried to live in a more environmentally friendly way. So she sent her carriage to Africa. It was the age of mass transportation, the neo-romanticism movement had just begun and a few freaks […]

The Future of Work – Why you need to Balance Input and Output

RockMe! Retreat

For about a year now we have followed the discussion around “Future of Work (#FoW)” and we asked you what you would need to learn if you wanted to be more successful and happier. You probably know that health and time are your most important assets. You would, therefore, ensure that you exercise, relax and watch your nutrition. You would also guard your time and try to be helpful at the same time. Most importantly, you would celebrate your close friends and family. They will probably stand by you when the going gets rough or when the rent doesn’t get paid. You are not able to hide behind a manager and let her do the tough jobs only so you can complain that […]