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Expat Mental Health – Getting Out of the Valley of Tears

Mental Health for Expats

Living as an expat can be an exciting and rewarding experience but can also come with challenges. Adjusting to a new culture, language, and environment can affect your mental health and well-being. However, by prioritizing your mental health and implementing some practical tips, you can maintain a healthy mindset while living abroad. 1 – Understand Intercultural Adjustment Better For Expat Mental Health Intercultural adjustment is a psychological process that requires a lot of energy. It usually has a phase that I call the “valley of tears.” In this valley, you will naturally want to move away from the host country and everybody else. While I understand the need to pull back and recharge, I would challenge you to go on […]

The Transformative Power of Global Leadership Coaching

In today’s rapidly evolving global landscape, effective leadership is indispensable. Organizations worldwide are navigating through unprecedented challenges, from technological advancements to cultural shifts and economic uncertainties. In such dynamic environments, the need for capable leaders who can steer their teams towards success has never been more crucial. This is where global leadership coaching steps in as a game-changer, offering a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond individual growth to catalyze organizational excellence.   Understanding Global Leadership Coaching   Global leadership coaching is not just about imparting skills or techniques; it’s a comprehensive approach that fosters holistic development. It involves working closely with leaders across diverse cultures, backgrounds, and geographical locations to enhance their capabilities, broaden their perspectives, and maximize […]

Changing Lives: Finding Your Purpose as an Expat Coach

Expat Coach

Starting a business (and keeping it running) is hard work. I mean, hard! But it is all worth the time, money, and effort invested for those with a passion, a plan, and a reliable support system. It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride, though. Between the rewarding highs of seeing the spark of interest in a student’s eyes or the genuinely thankful client, you were able to help. Then, there are the lows of the stress and responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur, and you might wonder if you did the right thing by making changes or if you are going to make it. But the freedom to focus your energy on what you have most at heart allows […]

The Dark Force in us – From Darth Vader to Jedi

Virginia Robot

Do you know Darth Vader, the dark force in many Star Wars movies? Did you know that we all have a bit of Darth Vader? Our fears often drive us. (Some leaders move to the dark side). The Star Wars movies are full of allusions to deep psychology and how our attachments and fears form our behaviors and lives. With this post, I would like to help you understand how we are influenced by our fears and how you can change to become a Jedi.     Fritz Riemann, a profound psychologist, established a theory based on four primary forms of anxiety (“Grundformen der Angst”). These four primary forms of angst are formed in early childhood and determine to a large extent […]

Top Ten Tips for a Killer LinkedIn Profile


This week I’ll be talking about one of the most important tools in a professional’s repertoire and that is creating a killer LinkedIn profile. With over 500 million users, a LinkedIn profile isn’t just an afterthought, it is a mainstay of modern recruitment and now serves as a business development platform across the globe. 1 – Get a Personalised URL for Your Killer LinkedIn Profile In my experience, far too many professionals forget to do this, often because they simply forgot about it. LinkedIn provides you the ability to discard the standard URL (which is a jumble of letters and numbers) and have a vanity URL instead. This personalized URL can be used to promote your profile in email signatures, […]