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Prevent Family Separation

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Prevent Family Separation in Global Mobility Stop me if you have heard this before. Still, the general belief among people seems to be that separation rates among expatriates are higher than those among native (aka stay-at-home) professionals. I want to point out that this is not the case. The reality is that this idea comes from the fact that the impacts of family separations are much more significant. Consider the difficulty of handling separation and potential custody disputes through geographical boundaries. Discussion among multinational Global Mobility circles is centering on the issue of Dual-Career Expat Couples.  Why You Need To Care About This You may be wondering how their relationships and related problems impact businesses. The answer is simple:  People […]

Thinking about Starting a Business as an Expat Coach?

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My Most Significant Learning in Over a Decade of Running an Expat Coach Business “There’s always an open door.” I started my Expat Coach Business in 2010 with a blog and officially launched two years later, leaving a well-paid career and jumping ship. I learned that there’s always an open door and that whenever I hit a wall, I needed coaching myself, and then more doors would open. This is one of the rare occasions where I spoke about my journey, and in the last few days, several clients asked me for advice on how to start an Expat Coach Business. So, I’m pulling my thoughts together. Please reach out to me for a consultation. Contact Card 2 Starting an […]

Easy to Implement Ideas for Inclusion

A famous Swiss supermarket had an incident where an employee in the sales area wanted to wear a head scarf, but they did not allow her to do that, so she resigned. Unfortunately, this happens to a company that promotes being open and living diversity, equity, and inclusion. I don’t see a s*** storm happening, and it seems that in Switzerland, this is acceptable, and I’m afraid I have to disagree.  In Switzerland, the land of Zwingli and Calvin, the majority religious group is Roman Catholic, with approximately 37% of the Swiss population. The reformed Evangelical community makes up 25%. 5% of the Swiss population is Muslim, mainly from the Balkans and Turkey. Around 30% of the population have no religious […]

Repatriating to Zurich, Switzerland – Five Tips

We think it is vital to give you five key tips to handle your repatriation to Zurich, Switzerland. We have clients like Peter, a Swiss national, who decided to go on an international assignment that led him to spend several years in another country. He fell in love with a resident during his stay, and they married. As a result, their children obtained dual nationality. Eventually, when the assignment was over, Peter returned to Switzerland with his family, triggering a series of immigration and other challenges, particularly for his partner, who did not speak the local languages such as German or French. Here are five essential tips for repatriating to Zurich 1 – Plan and understand all legal requirements: Before […]

Female Expats: Concerns about Children’s Education

It’s quite possible that female Expats in Zurich, like working parents in many multicultural cities, may have considerations and concerns about their children’s bilingual education. Zurich is a diverse and cosmopolitan city where multiple languages, primarily German, French, Italian, and Romansh, are spoken. We also have a large English-speaking community. Here are some factors you might consider: Language of Instruction:    – Zurich offers a variety of schools with different language programs. You may explore schools that provide bilingual or multilingual education to ensure your children are fluent in multiple languages and you would be able to move them to other countries or back to your home country once your assignment ends. Find a good overview here: Circe of Schools:  https://circleofschools.ch/ […]