The Global Mobility Academy

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The Global Mobility Academy offers a high-quality standard, one-year program designed for Global Mobility Professionals. It is customizable to the client and geared towards a corporate Global Mobility function. The Global Mobility Academy fosters our mission to bring the Human Touch back into Global Mobility and to build a Global Guild of Professionals irrespective of their roles as vendors or in-house professionals. 

This is a ten-day in-house talent development program to train your GM Team on the processes of Global Mobility. We also teach soft skills to become a better Global Mobility Specialist or Manager.  The format, length, and content are adaptable to the client. Each training day consists of four modules that could also be delivered as 40 x  90-Minute sessions.

Now a banking capital of Europe

Module 1: Grasping “Global Mobility”

  • Understand the History of Global Mobility
  • Link megatrends to Global Mobility
  • Understand the various definitions of Global Mobility
  • Define how an international assignment is linked to career development

  Module 2: Building up the Global Mobility Framework

  • Understand the different framework components
  • Explain how compensation approaches differ
  • Be able to classify assignments beyond tax considerations
  • Understand Global Mobility data and be able to explain in lay terms to expats
  • Learn standard components of cost projections and how to plug in the data

  Module 3: Initiating an Assignment

  • Understand the difference between advising and managing an assignment
  • Learn to develop a basic workflow checklist and work with it
  • Go through a standard process for an LTA
  • Understand the basics of immigration
  • Communicate the Four C’s (Compliance, Cost, Care, and Career)

  Module 4:  Writing the Assignment Agreement

  • Be able to draft an assignment agreement
  • Be able to review assignment letter templates
  • Understand how all legal components need to be clarified before drafting the agreement
  • Gain insight into interdependencies of legal areas
  • Go through a full assignment cycle from a Global Mobility perspective

Mid-Term Review with Leadership  

Biel / Bienne
Biel / Bienne

Module 5: Enhancing the Expat Experience

  • Go through a full assignment cycle from an Expat perspective
  • Understand the selection and nomination of expats
  • Name health and safety issues
  • Develop metrics for success criteria
  • Deal with emergencies

  Module 6: Organizing the digital, global team

  • Understand the impact of digitalization on how we work in Global Mobility
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities in the processes
  • Practice working with collaboration tools set up electronic assignment files
  • Learn which tools make sense for which program size
  • Recommend how to set up the Global Mobility Team 

  Module 7: Developing Your Global Competency

  • Be able to recognize your gaps in global competency
  • Understand basic intercultural dimensions and how they link to Global Mobility
  • Understand the basics of intercultural communication and how to become more effective in Global Mobility
  • Be able to develop an open attitude and basic etiquette and principles

  Module 8: Collaborating with Vendors

  • Be able to explain when a framework agreement is needed
  • Conduct a vendor selection process based on good criteria
  • Understand how all participants in the process need to share the same information
  • Be able to define handover points to providers, lawyers, and specialists
  • Create a value-based service delivery

Finalize career coaching goals and a learning plan   End of Year Review with Leadership


Virginia Robot
Virginia Robot

Module 9 and 10: 2-day-Workshop “The Future of Global Mobility” Managing Global Mobility Projects

  • Understand how to scope a project
  • Develop deliverables in an agile environment
  • Staying sane as a Global Mobility Manager
  • Business Models for Teams or Barcamp

Coaching and Consulting Clients

  • Learn more profound coaching and consulting techniques
  • Be able to analyze real-life Global Mobility cases and consult peers on how to progress.
  • Learn to build a deeper level of trust and handle difficult conversations
  • Conduct a full expat and spouse briefing



At the end of the 2-day-Workshop

  • Global Mobility Academy Certificates
  • Global Competency Assessment
  • Expatise Test (by request)

If you want to learn more about The Global Mobility Academy by Global People Transitions, please email or book a call via Calendly.  

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