The RockMe! App

The RockMe! App supports you in your process.

We know that finding the resources for a career coaching can be complicated, especially when you are unemployed or when you have just made a major investment in a new course or in another education. We also understand that online coaching alone lacks accountability because otherwise, we would all go to the gym regularly, have our ideal body mass index and sleep eight hours every night. In a global career transition, you might also experience a lack of human connectivity and we do not want to increase your feeling of having to handle everything alone.

So, my team and I came up with a hybrid approach that makes the best use of online interactions while at the same time giving you access to an experienced international career expert.

My goal is that you achieve your personal career development plan for this assignment, your repatriation or the next assignment with joy.

This is why we developed the RockMe! App.

I would like to encourage you to draft your short-term career goals after your initial exploratory session with me. In our pilot we found out, that is easier for you to understand the model behind the RockMe! App when we have our conversation first.

Email me via and I will contact you shortly to agree on a meeting time. In the meantime, you might want to sign up to the Global People Club Sandwich and read an excerpt from my Global Career Workbook here.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Kind regards

Angie Weinberger


PS: If you also wish to join our RockMe! Retreat please sign up here to find out more.