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Angie Weinberger is a well-known and seasoned Expat Coach in Zurich, Switzerland. An Expat or Intercultural Coach helps Expats and their Partners with their global careers and lifestyles. Angie Weinberger combines executive coaching, her expertise, and facilitation skills into programs for female expats and rainbow talent. She has lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, India, and Australia. As a university guest lecturer, she focuses on global mobility and inclusive leadership. She is a certified leadership coach (with over 1,000 coaching hours), a group coach and workshop facilitator, an intercultural trainer, and a systemic consultant. She continuously works on her craft. You can request an overview of her certifications if you want to work with her.

Angie Weinberger wrote several workbooks, among them The Global Rockstar Album – 21 Verses to Find Your Tact as an Inclusive Leader (2023),  The Global Mobility Workbook, Third Edition (2019), and The Global Career Workbook (2016). She is known as a Global Mobility Yoda and a lecturer in the field.

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With her programmer, Usama Hafeez, she has been developing a web application for online coaching called the RockMeApp. The RockMeApp is currently offered to a limited number of corporate clients and will probably launch in the app store in 2025. It is fully functioning and can be used on desktop and smartphone alike. 

After graduating in “International Business Studies” from the University of Paderborn in 1997, Angie worked in International Human Resources. She specialized in human resources and global mobility during her corporate career at a large global bank. One of Germany’s Big Four Professional Services Firms headhunted her to lead Global Mobility. 

She moved to Switzerland in 2009 with the same company and a similar role. In 2012, she launched her company, Global People Transitions, to help Expats and Expat Partners enhance their Expat Experience. As Global Mobility Yoda, she also consults small and medium-sized businesses on Global Mobility Transformation and helps them strengthen their Global Mobility Managers. 

Currently, she’s deepening her understanding of depth psychology by taking a three-year course on transactional analysis at the Eric Berne Institute, Zurich. Her working languages are English and (high) German. She speaks French and Spanish conversational, understands Swiss German, and speaks a bit of Hindi and Urdu (from watching too many Bollywood movies). She studied Arabic (which was one of the most humbling experiences of her life). When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking anywhere, watching movies and plays, and testing restaurants all over Zurich.




RockMeApp for Human Touch
RockMeApp for Human Touch






Angie Weinberger is a published author of three workbooks called


She is also a specialized author of global mobility technical books. If you join our Global People Club, you will be mentioned about her upcoming publications in 2025.



Purpose and Mission
Angie Weinberger preparing for a Red Couch Talk
Angie Weinberger is preparing for a Red Couch Talk
Female Founder Angie Weinberger has been running Global People Transitions since 2010
Female Founder Angie Weinberger has been running Global People Transitions since 2010. Photo Credit: Geoff Pegler.
Building Bridges Podcast by Daniel Zinner interviewing Angie Weinberger
Building Bridges Podcast by Daniel Zinner, interviewing Angie Weinberger