Global Mobility

International career transitions can feel stressful. Managing expats and their families too.

My name is Angie Weinberger and I believe that you can have a great experience when you move to a new country. I believe, that an expat spouse should be able to find work he or she cares about. I also believe that we can improve Global Mobility as a whole.

Shall we discuss this further in person?

I’m a big fan of writing but in order to understand your personal story, it is a lot better if we continue this conversation in person. Thanks to modern technology we can talk on Google Meet or Skype.

If you are in Zurich or Basel we can even meet in person.

Please don’t send me lengthy emails.

Please arrange an appointment and tell me your story.



How do you get in touch with me?

The best way to connect with me is via I’d appreciate if you “Become a client” before we have our first meeting. Experience has shown, that if you need career coaching, you will want to commit to more than a one-hour conversation.

In case you are an expat or expat spouse and you are looking for a job, please take a look at our HireMe! program.


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Have I answered all of your initial questions?

I know that websites do not always answer all of our questions when we are in a state of confusion and overwhelm. Please reach out to me if you need more support or if I can help you make sense of your current situation. Email me to


Do you want to know why I started Global People Transitions?

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