Finding A Job in Switzerland

Finding A Job in Switzerland

  • We can improve their overall well-being and job satisfaction, positively impacting the assignee’s job performance and, ultimately, the assignment’s success.
  • We can also enhance their employability and make them more attractive to potential employers, increasing the likelihood of successful repatriation.
  • We demonstrate a commitment to your employees and their families, which can help to attract and retain talent and increase employee engagement and loyalty.
  • We can also contribute to diversity and inclusion efforts by recognizing and supporting employees and their family’s unique needs and experiences.

Our Programs

BrandEssence – The First Step to Finding a Job in Switzerland

For people who have recently relocated to Switzerland or planning to relocate. Given that Switzerland has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, this seems like a good idea. But what if we told you that foreigners account for nearly half of the people officially unemployed in Switzerland? In reality, entering the Swiss job market is far more complex than anticipated. Newcomers might not be familiar with the Swiss recruiting process and the Swiss way of doing things. So they must adapt their resume, LinkedIn profile, and, most importantly, their Brand to the Swiss style.

HireMeExpress – The Advanced Step to Finding a Job in Switzerland

This group program offers in-depth guidance and support to job seekers who want to succeed in the Swiss job market. HireMeExpress provides valuable tips and strategies on building a professional network, branding oneself appropriately, and enhancing storytelling skills for job interviews. Angie Weinberger will offer personalized guidance to each participant based on their needs and career aspirations. Whether new to the Swiss job market or seeking to advance their career, this program is an excellent chance to gain valuable insights and connect with other job seekers.

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