Our Terms & Conditions for Executive Coaching Clients

When you conclude a contract with us, these Terms and Conditions apply.

Version: May 2020 v5

Dear Client, 

These terms & conditions form an integral part of your training, consulting or coaching agreement with us at Global People Transitions GmbH. 

They will be amended from time to time and published on our website https://globalpeopletransitions.com/welcome/our-terms-conditions/

Our Clients  

  • We work with private individuals directly. Our clients are usually highly educated, globally mobile professionals and scientists.
  • We work with clients with good intentions and a resourceful approach to people.

We do not

  • Engage in any illegal activities. Should we find out that a client is using wrong data or forges documents, testimonials or information on the résumé we will immediately stop the cooperation with this client. 
  • Tolerate discrimination of any kind and do not support bribery, illegal or unethical business practices, aggressive behavior or inappropriate comments neither bullying or negative statements based on race, gender, mental and physical abilities, nationality, caste and sexual orientation. 
  • Work with multi-level network companies and similar organisations.

Non-residents of Switzerland 

We usually work with individuals who are in possession of a residence and a work visa for Switzerland.

We accept non-residents to work with us under certain conditions. If you do not have a residence in Switzerland, you need to pay an advance on your fee of CHF 397 (+VAT if applicable). After the payment of the advance we will organize a call or a meeting to discuss your specific needs.

It is essential that a time is agreed and that you stick to the time frame given. Cancellation charges apply. We will charge you for the time agreed even if you do not show up. 

The RockMe! Program for Executive Coaching Clients

Our work requires a certain atmosphere. Therefore we apply these principles: 


RockMe! coaching sessions are usually face-to-face meetings. The place will be confirmed in your email calendar invitation. Please show up five minutes before the session starts. We offer online sessions by individual agreement. One session lasts 1.5-hours.

Your coaching session is confirmed when you have received an email or an invite for an electronic diary from us and you have accepted this invite. 

We advise that you book at least one session a month in order to progress. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you have agreed an appointment with your coach.


The fee of the 1.5-hour “Global Rockstar Session” is credited when you buy a full RockMe! program. 

We will charge your hours as used. If a session takes longer than agreed we will charge the extra time. If you call, email or text us, we will charge you if the response requires research or your email takes more than five minutes to respond to. We usually answer within 24 hours. If you don’t get a response please call us as your email might be in a spam folder.

If you have an urgent question such as a decision or salary negotiation please request a call back by text message and let us know how we can reach you as we are often in workshops or sessions. 

Scheduling, Cancellation and Modifications

An appointment is scheduled when you have confirmed it via email or accepted an online invitation. Should you need to postpone a session less than 48 hours before the confirmed appointment, the cancellation rules do not apply for the first time. We might need to charge you if you continue to postpone and change sessions. 

In case of a full cancellation, the following rates apply: 

  • 1 day before (less than 24 hours): 100% of the fee, 
  • 2 days before (less than 48 hours): 50% of the fee. 

We advise you to take full programs in order to benefit from the long-term effects of our coaching method. 

Coaching Material 

For environmental reasons we will provide coaching material in electronic format. We will give printed handouts for exercises if needed. If you wish to receive printed material please inform us and we may charge an additional fee. 


We advise that you plan your training and workshops with us at least four weeks ahead. If you wish to book us for interim management or consulting projects then the lead time is longer. 


Location for Coaching: Global People Transitions GmbH, Forchstrasse 179, 8032 Zurich or another site that is confirmed in your calendar entry.

Confidentiality: All our conversations are confidential. We don’t share any personal information about you unless you give us your consent.

Billing Address: An invoice will be sent after the booking of the program to your email ID. 

Payment Conditions: 30 days after the receipt of the invoice, latest by the first session.

Carrying over of Executive Coaching sessions: Executive Coaching only works if it is following a regular rhythm. If coaching sessions have been paid by the company but you have not taken them within 12 months of starting the program, we will not reimburse the fees. In exceptional circumstances, you can request a written confirmation that you can take over sessions to the following year. Exceptional circumstances are for example medical leave, international assignments and intense family periods.

Webinars, Skype, Hangout sessions 

Webinars due to their nature have to be paid in advance. Cancellation fee applies, no-shows are charged in full.

Confidentiality, Data Protection, Use of Email ID 

We are committed to confidentiality and data protection.

We are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in dealing with personal data. This includes mentioning your name as a reference. We request your written consent before we send your résumé and other personal documents to third parties. 

We will use your email ID for these purposes: 

  1. To follow up on your progress and weekly homework and tasks via the RockMeApp,
  2. To agree and confirm sessions,
  3. For sending the invoice and other relevant communication.

While the content of the coaching is confidential, all documentation is solely for quality assurance purposes. Written documentation and pictures of paintings as well as the RockMeApp records will be destroyed and deleted 10 years after the last coaching session. 

Your email ID or any company-related confidential information will not be given to third parties unless previously agreed. We recommend that you use a personal email ID in case you change jobs.

We take data protection seriously. In case of any concerns please email us immediately.

Copyright and Licences

Writing, training, coaching and consulting fall under copyright law. The work of authors, trainers, coaches and consultants working with us always remains in their intellectual property. 

We usually allow clients to use our material if the copyright is mentioned on the slides, handouts and other material. In case of any doubts please contact angela@globalpeopletransitions.com.

The RockMeApp

General client-to-coach and coach-to-client communication is recommended only through the RockMeApp. We limit access to our coaches and two administrators only. In case you lose your password please let us know.

All web traffic to and from the RockMeApp goes through SSL secure layer ensuring that your information is encrypted when travelling from your computer to our server and back. Your information is only visible to our coaches and admins. Our hosting server is located in Switzerland. All information stored about you on the RockMeApp will be deleted 10 years after your final coaching session.

Written Declaration of Private Clients

Executive coaching is not therapy. We are only allowed to work with physically and mentally healthy clients. Therefore we ask you to confirm that

  • You are psychologically and physically healthy. 
  • You agree that interviews can be recorded for scientific purposes.
  • You give your consent, that coaching sessions can be counted towards professional accreditation. 
  • You give your consent that your email ID is given to certification bodies for the confirmation of coaching hours.
  • You agree in general that coaching sessions can be recorded for the sake of quality assurance. 
  • You understand that we adhere to ethical standards in line with the coaching and intercultural training profession.
  • By signing a coaching agreement with us, you confirm that you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Should you have any doubts about your mental health please address this with your coach in the “Global Rockstar” session. 

Burnout Patients

Please if you are suffering from Burn-Out and have just returned to work you can request a doctor’s certificate to confirm that you are healthy again.

RockMeRetreat Insurance

If you have booked the RockMeRetreat and cannot join for health reasons we will not be able to reimburse your down-payment of EUR 500 as well as your travel costs or any payment required by the hotel. Please check if you can take out “seminar insurance” or travel insurance to avoid losing money in such an instance.

If we have to cancel the RockMeRetreat less than 30 days prior to the first day we will reimburse the down payment, travel costs and other losses you have incurred that aren’t covered by your insurance.

Code of Ethics

We adhere to ethical standards in line with the coaching and intercultural training profession. As professional coaches and trainers, we acknowledge and agree to honor our ethical obligations to our coaching clients and colleagues and to the public at large. We pledge to comply with the industry Code of Ethics, to treat people with dignity as independent and equal human beings, and to model these standards with those whom we coach.

Force majeure 

We are not liable for failure to perform our obligations under the coaching or consulting agreement if such failure is the result of Acts of God (including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, storm or other natural disaster) or any other incidents outside of our scope (such as terrorism, war, political upheaval). Claims of compensation of damages are in this case excluded. 

Exclusion of liability 

In accordance with the law, especially Article 100 of the Swiss Code of Obligations, we shall only be liable in case of gross negligence. 

Salvatory Clause 

Should any part of these Terms and Conditions be invalid for any reason, it is to be replaced with a corresponding text, which is valid and equivalent to the intended meaning. The rest of the Terms and Conditions shall remain unaffected and valid. 

Applicable law and Jurisdiction 

Swiss Law shall apply and jurisdiction lies with the courts of Zurich.