Business Bee #2: Here’s to YOU, my ideal client

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Why is it so much fun to work with YOU?

Clients are not always fun but my coaching clients are lovely. Why? Because we have common values:

  1. We take up feedback and advice to grow at high speed.
  2. We give others energy by valuing them for who they are and the contribution they make.
  3. We give good and sincere feedback.
  4. We value input sharing through interesting articles, blog posts or books.
  5. We are genuinely nice, helpful and heart (and head) people.

That’s why for me it is a pleasure to spend a day with YOU. More fun than working alone in my office. One day a week I enjoy conceptual work too but I get a lot more energy from interaction with YOU. I want to have more of it. It’s like a drug. I am also choosing the people I want to connect with according to the same principles and again I get energy out of these interactions.

How about you? What’s your strategy to choose your clients? How do you ensure you share the same values?


PS: If you are a service professional or coach like me you might want to take a look at “Book yourself solid” by Michael Port (and no: He does not pay me if you sign up for his website).

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