The Global Mobility Workbook

 GMWORKBOOKIn 2014, we published Angela Weinberger’s ebook called “The Global Mobility Workbook – A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing International Assignments”.

We have just published updated and enhanced print edition. Watch out for ISBN 978-39524284-1-2 and check at your favorite bookseller or here:

Here is what readers fed back to us:

“First, let me express my appreciation that you got in touch with me directly. Excellent customer service. Secondly, I would like to let you know that your book is very helpful tool especially for a person like me who has learned the ins and outs of global mobility through hands on practice or on-the-job training so to speak.” VB, Global Mobility Manager, The Philippines
The Global Mobility Workbook will help you to:
  • run your international assignments in a strategic way,
  • develop a metric for international assignment success,
  • sort out your assignment policy,
  • have a clear structure on how you can support assignees and spouses through the assignment process
  • develop your competencies as a Global Mobility Professionals
  • know where to go with further questions.

You can order your print book through your online book seller or contact us directly if you are in Europe via

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