The Global Mobility Workbook
The Global Mobility Workbook

We published the second edition of “The Global Mobility Workbook – A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing International Assignments” (2016). 

Are you a Global Mobility Professional and do you feel overwhelmed with your work? Maybe you feel you need an introduction and better overview of the field. Maybe you find the academic literature and courses too specific or only geared towards the country you are residing in but you are looking for a broader view on Global Mobility?

You have come to the right place. The Global Mobility Workbook and our FlyMe! program will help you to:

  • run your international assignments in a strategic way,
  • develop a metric for international assignment success,
  • sort out your assignment policy,
  • have a clear structure on how you can support assignees and spouses through the assignment process
  • develop your competencies as a Global Mobility Professionals
  • know where to go with further questions.

You can order your print book through your online book seller. The current print edition has the ISBN 978-39524284-1-2.

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“First, let me express my appreciation that you got in touch with me directly. Excellent customer service. Secondly, I would like to let you know that your book is very helpful tool especially for a person like me who has learned the ins and outs of global mobility through hands on practice or on-the-job training so to speak.”
VB, Global Mobility Manager, The Philippines

The Global Mobility Workbook v3

Angie is currently working on a further update since the world of Global Mobility is developing fast. If you would like to be the first to know or even test-read the new version for free please sign up here. We assume that we will publish the third edition in October 2018.