International Relocation #4: Seven points to relocating one step at a time

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by Angela Weinberger

Moving your belongings from one house to another can be stressful and time consuming. Moving your belongings from one country to a house in another country takes the task to a whole new level. Relocation is among the top ten stress factors in life, just one below getting married.

As Global Mobility Professionals we have assisted hundreds of professionals and their families move from one country to another. There are seven tried and true points to making the relocation go smoothly.

1)   Organize. Consider all that you need to do to get packed and moved and organize that into several steps. Then work through these steps day by day. It’s better to do several baby steps over the week than one giant step in a single day.

2)   Take time. Set aside time each day, early morning for example, to consult your relocation to-do list and to get a few things done. This not only helps you focus on staying organized, but also clears your mind for the rest of the day’s activities.

3)   Delegate. When working with a professional relocation company, clarify in advance what they will be responsible for and what you will have to make up for. As an example, many companies will pack, but not unpack for you. Find out from your company how much of your belongings they are willing to move and decide what you might have to leave in storage.

4)   Separate important documents. Be sure that anything like customs documents or your child’s passport doesn’t end up in the packing boxes. Keep these and other important documents separated and in a safe place.

5)   Take good care of your health. Moving is stressful for all involved. Eating right and staying hydrated is good for you and those helping you pack.

6)   Give yourself at least two days to arrive and unpack. Adapting to life in a new place can be easier when your new house feels more like home. Before you get back to daily life, give ample time for your family to arrive, unpack and settle in.

7)   Be prepared for the worse. Sometimes moving goods overseas means they get lost or damaged. Although this rarely happens, it’s good to consider before you move that antique piece of furniture you love so much. If you do decide to move valuable objects, get adequate insurance coverage first.

With these points and by giving yourself plenty of time to think through the details, I am confident your relocation to your host country will be a successful one.

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