Speaking to expats – Ten secrets GM Professionals wish they could tell you.
working together takes time...
working together takes time…

Global Mobility (GM) Professionals cannot always speak their mind. Here are a few secrets we wish we could tell you sometimes**…

1) “We are sure you can live in the same lifestyle as at home.” (But we have never lived in the country ourselves).

2) „Our relocation service is very reliable.“ (The fact that your furniture is late or drowned in the ocean is just an exception.)

3) „We have all your insurance needs covered.“ (But we never had a really disastrous situation that we needed to discuss with our insurer).

4) „Your spouse will eventually get used to the idea of living in the host country.“ (Or you will get divorced within the time frame of your assignment.)

5) „We have heard from other expats that they really liked the location.“ (They got married, resigned from our company and stayed their for good.)

6) „We know the market in the host location.“ (and that you will talk to all the other expats about your package.)

7) „We have calculated your salary based on expat cost of living data from our provider.“ (We hardly understand them either.)

8) „Sorry for not responding to you sooner. We had to clarify the process internally. (And we are underpaid and overworked being online most of the time of the day.)

9) Our policy does not foresee this case. („And it costs me too much time to claim an exception for you.)

10) „Our vendor contract does not clarify if this service is included.“ (And actually you might be able to handle this easily by googling.)


Legal notice: **This blog post is to be taken with a grain of salt. I know: German humor is hard to understand.

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