NEW: The Global Rockstars Program 2024 – 2025

You are a Subject Matter Expert in one area of Global Mobility, or you are planning to be an expat or you are looking for a job in Switzerland or other European countries right now and you feel that you can’t do it all alone. You feel it’s too many decisions while working full-time, raising children and taking care of your elderly relatives.

The Smell of The Big Wide World Awaits You

It’s another Monday and instead of starting your laptop to go through another day of meetings (that could have been an email), you look at the globe you got from your grandmother as a kid. 

You have been sitting at this desk for too long and wish to smell the spices in a market in Amritsar, walk through the East Village of New York City, sit in a rickshaw in Lahore, or take a long hike in Northern Italy. 

Isn’t that why you originally wanted to be in your profession?

You always felt like you were born in the wrong country as if your soul belongs elsewhere. You were truly happy and inspired when traveling. You always felt more connected to the broader world than your home village. You want to be a nomad, join the minimalistic lifestyle, and live in a tiny house while doing good in the world. Thinking about moving “back home” would feel like a complete failure.

You also feel like you don’t have access to the group inside the circle of trust. You miss a guide, a wizard, a Yoda, a teacher on your path. You feel a bit alone. You want sisterhood and camaraderie, but all the official events are for in-house HR professionals only or are way too expensive for your budget.

You would like to continue deepening your knowledge of other cultures and work in a global context where you usually speak English. 

You want to become a more inclusive Expat Manager, Global Mobility Manager, Subject Matter Expert, or Expat Coach.

You want to become a Global Rockstar

I offer a solution. My program, Global Rockstars, is for all of you who want to take a step forward, move to another country, lead global virtual teams, and improve your executive presence and thought leadership. 

We will agree on your three main career goals and work through your hurdles together. We will get you out of the rat race into a productive flow state where you lead yourself and your global virtual team with purpose, performance, and productivity. 

We will work together to ensure you successfully transition into your next role within the next 365 days.

Let’s talk!

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🌟 Available Expat Coaching Licences in 2024 🌟

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Expat License Couple or BFF License Team License
12 months  12 months  12 months
One client up to two clients up to five clients
Unlimited coaching

with Expat Coach Angie Weinberger

Unlimited coaching

with Expat Coach Angie Weinberger

Unlimited coaching

with Expat Coach Angie Weinberger

CHF 3’900 + VAT CHF 7’500 + VAT CHF 19’700 + VAT  



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