Breaking the good habit – When you feel you are repeating yourself and you might be

I have not written a single word this week. It’s not because I have writer’s block or something like that. It is because I have been too busy with other work. I notice that once you break a routine (be it sports or writing) it is hard to get back in. I notice that since I started to write 500 words daily in January this really made me progress on two book projects and I chucked out a lot of blog posts or handouts for my clients suddenly. I learnt to type without looking at the keyboard (like a secretary whooohooo).

Now I am confronted with a creative digestion problem. I assume this happens to the best writers. You feel you have said everything there is to say about all your topics and you won’t come up with new ideas anymore.

As a global career and executive coach I repeat content in about 15 sessions per week. Obviously it is similar content but in different times and with different pace.

When I work with clients on their global careers I notice that every client is different. What resonates with one might bore the other.  The way I present an input on a flipchart or paper can be different but the more I practice, the better I get at explaining the topic in a language my client understands. I find the right visuals and I use language that connects her or him with the topic. Even if it might be a dry topic such as “how to write a cover letter in a way that recruiters actually want to meet you…”.

Maybe this is the same process a writer has to go through. You might feel like you are repeating your message over and over again but the way you speak to your readers can be different. The way you speak to your reader on Twitter might be short and crisp and a bit naughty. When you write for a professional magazine you will write a bit more academic or from a more factual perspective.

I get really frustrated with editors who believe they have invented writing style because as far as I can tell the Internet has no rules. Grammar ok, but dialect and street language are used, English is written in a shortened way, abbreviations such as OMG have made it to the real language.

Forget the rules!

Write in a way that works for you. Your readers will love you anyway.

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