Guest Blogging
 If you would like to guest blog for our weekly online publication “The Global People Club Sandwich”, please keep in mind these key points before submitting your article:
1) Write as you would speak to a friend.
2) The length of your post should have between 500 to 800 words. We expect you to write your own article.
3) Make your story personal.
4) If you have any advice for others it’s always good to say it in a few bullet points.
5) We prefer open communication with a bio and picture of you. We do not accept fake profiles.
6) Please send us a short bio (3-liner) and send us a headshot of yourself in .jpg
7) Please send me your article in Word.
8) US English is our default English.
9) Please deliver imagery only when you have the rights to it. Best is if you own the photo or image. We need you to confirm that you own the photo or image.
10) Credit your sources, contributors and research. We run a check for plagiarism.
11) Add links to your research.
12) Deliver three tags.
13) Check our blog categories and identify the three most relevant categories to your post.
14) Allow us a one-week turnaround.
15) We don’t pay for giving you free advertising.
16) If we find your post is not original or is otherwise unethical you will be blacklisted right away.
17) We might take the liberty to edit for language and grammar without your permission.
18) You can direct any questions to I will try to answer as fast as I can.
 Thank you.

Once your blog post is ready send it to