Guest Blogging
Our mission is to bring the Human Touch back into Global Mobility. And while we are a for-profit company mainly working with small and medium-sized companies we also have a deeper interest in Global Mobility, Intercultural Understanding, Migration and Diversity and Inclusion. Angie Weinberger lectures on these topics and is excited about spreading the word. 
We also wish to promote small expats business owners, digital nomads and women in developing countries. Therefore we are always grateful for guest posts. However, since there is a lot of spam and bad quality around we have come up with guidelines. It also suits our German owner, who lives by principles and rules in Zurich, Switzerland.
The Global People Club Sandwich currently is an online publication that is sent via an email provider to our readers directly every Monday. We also publish the same article on this blog, usually after our readers have seen it.
If you would like to contribute a guest post for our weekly online publication “The Club Sandwich”, please keep in mind these key points before submitting your article:
1) The word count should be between 1500 and 2000 words.
2) Write as you would speak to a friend.
3) We expect you to write your own article and your content has to be original. If you have already published it anywhere else please refrain from submitting. If we find out that your content has already been published we will blacklist you.
4) Make your story personal and create a link between you, the content and us. You can refer to our work, publications and other posts.
5) If you have any advice for others it’s always good to say it in a few bullet points at the end. Use subheaders and consistent ways to write your subheaders.
6) We will only publish articles with real-life existing professionals. We expect your LinkedIn or Twitter Profile, a short 100 words bio, and a professional headshot. We don’t publish anonymous post. If you work with a team please mention your team members.
7) Ensure that your headshot has a good resolution and please send it to us in a separate file in .jpg or .png. You find examples on our blog.
8) Please share your article in Google Docs with us or send us a word file. We are editing all posts and we will critique them too. Please resolve any comments within 48 hours.
8) US English is our default English.
9) Please deliver imagery only when you have the rights to them. Best is if you own the photo or image. We need you to confirm that you own the photo or image. The image has to be sent in a separate file in .png or .jpg format. We will not accept submissions where the image is in the word document. It is your responsibility to keep the licence of images updated.
10) Credit your sources, contributors, and research. We run a check for plagiarism. Add links to your research and additional reading below the article
11) Let us know one keyword or keywords. Deliver three categories from our blog and five tags with the submission.
12) Send your submission to my email address and mention in the subject: Guest Post Submission.
13) Allow us a two-week turnaround between submission, final edits, and publication.
14) We take the liberty to edit for language and grammar without your permission. However, we will try to send you the final version before publication. We will use our own language expressions and terms.
15) We don’t pay for guest bloggers. However, we are interested in long-term collaboration.
16) If we find your post is not original or is otherwise unethical you will be blacklisted right away.
17) We expect you to subscribe to the Global People Club Sandwich as a reader.
We are looking forward to your contribution.
Kind regards
Angie Weinberger
Global People Club Sandwich