HireMe! Groups

With our HireMe! Groups we hack the your job market in Switzerland (and elsewhere) through developing strong business connections.

Have you been looking for a job or a new job for more than six months?

Have you written over 100 online applications without getting a positive response – EVER?

And are you sure that there are jobs in your field but you just never get a chance to show that you could excel at them?

And are you worried that you will never be able to feed your family, that your kids will never get the education they deserve and that your partner despises you for being at home?

Then it’s time to work with us. Because these are all good reasons to join our upcoming HireMe! Groups or get 1:1 support from Angie Weinberger.

The Global Mobility Coach

You will receive guidance from our experienced Global Mobility Coach Angie Weinberger and the support of a group of like-minded professionals. Angie is the author of “The Global Career Workbook”.

In a five-session program over roughly three months, you and three other participants will go through the following key steps to land a job in Switzerland.

Outline of HireMe! Group Program

Session 1

  • Build your professional network in Switzerland or elsewhere
  • Refine your personal brand

Session 2

  • Improve your professional presence online
  • Style your job applications to Swiss recruitment practices

Session 3

  • Write effective Letters of Motivation
  • Learn the art of storytelling in interviews

Session 4

  • Improve your stories
  • Deepen your understanding of your personal values

Session 5

  • Improve your Executive Presence in Interviews
  • Set weekly targets at a healthy realistic pace

Completion of HireMe!

After completing the program you will be better prepared for tackling the Swiss job market, feel more self-confident in your job search and understand how to network even if you are introverted. Most of our clients find a job during or shortly after the HireMe! program. While we don’t guarantee a job, we teach you the skills to hack the Swiss (and other) job markets so you can find a job with confidence.

Program Dates:

Meetings will be held at the Global People Club Lounge in Zurich. Arrange a meeting with Angie now to discuss and agree your personal goals for the HireMe! program.

Next HireMe! Groups start

Group 3/ 2018

Friday, 24 August 2018 – 9 AM to 11 AM.

Sessions are planned for Friday every other week.


Group 4/ 2018

Tuesday, 4 September 2018 9 AM to 11 AM

Sessions are planned for Tuesday every other week.



CHF 1200 + VAT per participant, for five sessions @ two hours, payable before the start of the program.


  • Valid residence permit (L,B or F) for Switzerland. If you have an L-permit you can also join us. We are open to recognized refugees.
  • The group will be run in English but in case you’d prefer to join a German group, please let us know.
  • We will not accept more than four people per group to ensure that everyone has enough air time.
  • Participants have to come to our Global People Club Lounge in Zurich. If you live too far away ask Angie for 1:1 online coaching options.


The Global Career Workbook will be used as a guide through the program. We recommend further career books within the book.


Ready to Join Us?

Sign up here to become a GPT client and mention when you would like to start your Group Coaching.


Still deciding?

Not sure if a group coaching program is right for you? Here are some of the reasons why you might select a group, over an individual, coaching program

  • Wider accountability not just to the coach but also to others in the group
  • Gain immediate access to a trusted circle of like-minded professionals
  • Expand your network faster – in a group, you will not only exchange experiences but also networks
  • Receive feedback from the coach but also from others in the group
  • Get access to our expertise at a lower cost

Of course, if you feel that individual coaching would work best for you, Angie Weinberger (or someone from our team) is available for coaching on a 1:1 basis. Simply email angela@globalpeopletransitions.com to start the conversation.

Are you wondering if you should join?

● Have you been looking for a job for more than six months?
● Do you feel you are wasting your energy doing the wrong things for too long?
● Are you qualified to Bachelor or Master level but lack significant experience in the field you are aiming at?
● Are you introverted and have a hard time with networking?
● Do you feel you spend too much time making too little progress?


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