Design Interactive Classroom Trainings

Our classroom trainings are highly interactive, as we believe, that an engaged learner will retain a larger portion of the training. In our workshops learners have to actively work with games, interactions and case studies.

Examples of interactive training tools developed by Angela Weinberger

  • The Global Career Workbook (2016): A workbook for internationally mobile professionals, managers, expat spouses and scientists to help them find a job in a new country.
  • The Global Mobility Workbook (2014): A workbook for all those who would like to understand how international assignments work.
  • Famous Persons Quiz:Did you know, that there a lot of famous Swiss? With this game you get to know them.
  • Knowledge Memory (Swiss Quiz):What is peculiar about Swiss Washing Machines? This game is a knowledge-based game on country information and played like “memory”.
  • Recycling Game:How do you recycle plastic bottles in Switzerland? This game helps you to understand the Swiss recycling system better. Can be adapted to any visual learning material.
  • Intercultural Case Studies:Who is Tom Jones and what happened to him moving from the US to Switzerland? Our case studies give insight into intercultural situations by using real life examples. All case studies can be used in training and come with questions for the learner. You also find them in “The Global Mobility Workbook” print edition (2016)
  • Learning Booklets:We provide small booklets with your training summary and key learning points. We can help you with design, layout and copywriting in English and German.
  • Learning Cards:We summarize important content on cards that you can hand out to participants.
  • Social Media Learning: How can you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and other social media to keep your learners engaged in the process and build community? We are happy to run a workshop for you. We can also develop your social media success metric, principles and guidelines with you.

Upon request we support trainers and facilitators with working through their training design for gamification and interactive methods. Please send us a draft training outline and suggestions for a call on Skype. Contact

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