The RockMe! program will help you to

  • find your next role, expat assignment or project
  • accomplish more with your global, virtual team,
  • be more satisfied with your achievements,
  • achieve a balance between different parts of your personality,
  • find out what you really would like to do with the remainder of your professional life
  • handle job loss, a repatriation or move back to your home country (even if this is not your first choice).

RockMe! Five main Elements

The program consists of five main elements:

  • Goal Setting Session and 12 months of RockMe! App
  • Individual 1:1 Coaching Sessions – 6 * 1.5 hours
  • One annual RockMe! Retreat
  • 27 weeks of input and homework
  • RockMe! Happy Hour

You can book one or two elements only if you wish and I am happy to consult you on your options.


Coaching sessions are held in our Global People Club Lounge in Zurich, Switzerland.

The RockMe! Retreat takes places in Lindau, South Germany.

Why should you work with me?

I have been dealing with expats and their careers for the last 20 years. Through my own intercultural transition situations, through being a manager and later a company founder I have encountered many barriers in myself that I could only overcome with executive coaching.

Therapy, the Vermeulen Analysis Model (VAM), body-oriented methods and systemic consulting principles have helped me throughout my professional development. Even though I believe I had a therapeutic background in my cradle as my parents both worked in this field, I did have a strong aversion to anything mildly emotional or touchy-feely when I started to train as a coach.

I still rely a lot on my analytical side to get stuff done. When I work with clients in a consulting capacity, this is why they like to work with me. However, over the last ten years – practically since I had been working in India – I accept that there is another intuitive and creative side in me.

In an ideal world, I would have been able to use this side more in my past professional career and would not have had to start out on my own in order be able to use all my talents.

Now I embrace a fuller spectrum in my work with clients, use different ways to approach a topic and prefer exploration over strict efficiency-driven approaches.

Please email me in case you have any further questions or wish to agree your first meeting.

More about how I work



NL: What are the typical sessions like with Angela Weinberger?

FAA: “I started my career development with Angela halfway through my career development program and I saw a significant improvement in the structure of the sessions which were very goal oriented. Area(s) of development were identified and worked through during the session at a high level. There was a lot of brainstorming involved. I then had around two weeks to work on the area(s) to be developed. In this two-week period, there was always email communication with Angela, where she would constantly send me articles or material relevant to my career development areas. There was constant email communication between the time we did not meet so my career development progress was continuously moving forward.”

Become a client

You can become a client here to speed up the process.

NEW in 2018: The RockMe! Retreat

Starting November 2018 I am offering an eight-day RockMe! Retreat. RockMe! is my signature executive coaching program and now we will add a retreat for all those of you who wish to become a Rockstar in their field. Small group, diversity guaranteed and English is spoken throughout the retreat. Location is Lindau, Germany. 

Sign up here to know more: The RockMe! Retreat

Kind regards

Angie Weinberger