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I know how overwhelmed and stressed you feel right now with your unhappy spouse and sulking teenager. Are you concerned that you come home to a box of bottles that need recycling and an empty fridge because your spouse has been job hunting all day and forgot to buy food. Would you like to help and hire a cleaner but every time you sit down to call the agency your manager or a client calls with another urgent issue?

You can make matters worse by putting more pressure on your team, by micro-managing and canceling dinner with the family tonight. 

Have you been hit by the Corona-Crisis? Are you burned out from working longer hours from your living room with worries about loved ones in your host country and in your home country?

After the RockMe! Program you watch your sales numbers grow steadily like clockwork, you leave a clean desk by 6 pm, you go running again and you are in better shape than before your marriage. Your spouse has a new job, is contributing to the family income and your teenager aces at the international school.

Your manager promotes you, more money is rolling in and you enjoy your work a lot. Your team members have grown, they take responsibility and your home is cozy and spotless. On weekends you find time to go to that dance class with your spouse and you are already making friends in Zürich.

How do you think you will get your sales numbers up? Not by pushing and more pressure on your team. It’s a wrong assumption that you will get anywhere with cold-calling. When you are relaxed and take out your Swiss prospects to lunch they will become clients and buy your product. When you improve your relationship with the prospects and when you keep them happy they will become clients and open doors for you.

Do you think you help your spouse by constantly nagging him and giving him feedback on the resume? In my experience it’s better if you are there for him, listen but hold back on giving advice.

Do you think your teenager will respect you more when you pretend to be a super-heroine and perfect at everything? Or could you show your vulnerable side, make time to hang out and go for a walk?

Get input from your team members, let them come up with solutions and try more often to brainstorm rather than just inform. Listen to their concerns and let them speak their minds.

This program is not for you if you feel you know it all, you aren’t ready to reflect yourself or if you cannot walk for 30 Minutes without a heart attack. Do not join if you want to keep miserable, keep your extra pounds, continue to work crazy hours and wish to have a divorce within the next three years.

With RockMe! you will experience 70% fewer rejections on your proposals, a better relationship with your spouse and improve the relationship with your teenager too.

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Construction Ahead – Often we experience the world through our own constructions. It helps to break those down.

We designed RockMe! to help our clients deal with their career transitions into new roles in new markets. A special focus is on improving all relevant relationships and finding balance between conflicting priorities.

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