The RockMeApp

Digitalization, Global Mobility, Outsourcing, and Offshoring will shape how we define “work” in the next 20 years. The “gig economy” challenges our approaches to global talent management. Traditional “executive coaching” and “leadership development” follow an outdated career model from industrialization. That’s why we invested in developing #RockMeApp.

You don’t know what you really want to do next.

You started a new project or just landed in a new country.

You are on the verge of resigning to find a new role.

We help you set your goals for the next 9 to 12 months.

We know that finding the resources for career coaching can be complicated, especially when you are unemployed or when you have just made a major investment in a new course or in another education. We also understand that online coaching alone lacks accountability because otherwise, we would all go to the gym regularly, have our ideal body mass index and sleep eight hours every night.

In a global career transition, you might also experience a lack of human connectivity and we do not want to increase your feeling of having to handle everything alone.

We came up with a hybrid approach that makes the best use of online interactions while at the same time giving you access to Angie Weinberger, an experienced international career expert.

We want you to achieve your career goals for this international assignment, this new project, and this next global role with joy.

You can book a call to discuss this further here.

We also developed the RockMeApp to help our main coach Angie Weinberger to work with her clients via an application.

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