Digital Expat Coaching for Global Rockstars via the RockMeApp

Digital Expat Coaching for Global Rockstars via the RockMeApp

Are you a Global Mobility Manager or Recruiter looking to enhance coaching for your international population and your team? Look no further! Our Global People Coaching via RockMeApp is here to revolutionize the Expat Experience. 🌟

🌟 What is the RockMeApp?

It’s a cutting-edge digital coaching platform designed to help you thrive, whether employed or self-employed. With a secure, private web-based application, it facilitates seamless communication between coaches and clients. Say goodbye to feeling lost in your career transition!

🌟 Meet Our Experts

Usama Hafeez and Angie Weinberger bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the RockMeApp. Our academic research and over ten years of expat coaching practice ensure you’re in capable hands. Usama Hafeez’s commitment to security guarantees the confidentiality of your conversations.

🌟 Why Use the RockMeApp?

  • We help your internationally mobile population feel better and be more productive.
  • We bridge a gap in Global Mobility planning and between organizational silos such as Global Mobility and Talent Development.
  • We bring the Human Touch back into your journey in a rather fragmented industry with a highly outsourced workforce and a high level of technological support.
  • We use technology for enhanced support and expat mental health and well-being.
  • We also provide a coach for the Global Mobility Managers and Recruiters because we all need guidance and often we don’t have sparring partners in our companies.

🌟 How Can You Work With Us?

If you’re a small or medium-sized business with an Expat Population of up to 20 Global People (the Global Mobility Team may also join) we are ready to support you with our coaching and communication services. Let us know the size of your expat population, and we’ll tailor an offer to meet your needs. Join the movement and take your Global Mobility to the next level with the RockMeApp! 

Available RockMeApp Licences



Solo Artist


Garage Band


Performing Band


Live Orchestra

Expatriate Family License – 12 months Small Population License – 12 months Medium Population License – 12 months Large Population License – 12 months
One expat and their partner up to 10 expats and expat partners up to 20 expats and expat partners More than 20 expats and expat partners
Unlimited coaching with Coach Angie Unlimited coaching with Coach Angie Unlimited coaching with Coach Angie  Unlimited coaching with Partners (under the supervision of Coach Angie)
CHF 8’000 + VAT CHF 14’900 + VAT CHF 29’000 + VAT CHF 59’000 + VAT

(only as of 2025)


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Communication and Registration via RockMeApp

All coaching client communication goes through our secure and safe RockMeApp. We have built an interactive, highly secure coaching platform where the Expat or Expat Spouse and the Global Mobility Coach work together on achieving learning goals, weekly practices, and overall career goals. Career coaching is particularly advisable during the transition to the host country and about six months before repatriation.

Our Expat Helpline

Expats and their Spouses have all sorts of life and other challenges. In many organizations, they will not know who to talk to. We offer a helpline where they can address all questions and a research team in the background that will help them with qualified responses. Responses that will not require them to search through fake news and badly researched content on the Internet. We also have great resources on our blog and additional handouts we can send to your Expats and their Spouses.

Videos on the RockMeApp


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The RockMeRetreat by Angie Weinberger

The RockMeRetreat by Angie Weinberger is an intensive seven-day leadership retreat for Expats and Expat Spouses. The participants will work in small groups of eight, focusing on their challenges to improve their inclusive leadership capability, productivity, and general well-being at work. The guidance comes from Angie Weinberger’s most recent book “The Global Rockstar Album – 21 Verses to Find Your Tact as an Inclusive Leader”.

Global Competency Assessments via ICBI® or IDI®

  • To learn more about your cultural identity and preferences, we use the Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator (ICBI) tool. The ICBI is an online behavior, habit, and belief-based assessment that empowers you to learn your cultural preferences and compare those of another country. A debriefing session with Angie Weinberger accompanies this tool to develop self-awareness.  IDI – Intercultural Development Inventory® with an Intercultural Development Plan allows you to gain insights concerning intercultural challenges you are facing and identify intercultural competence development goals that are important for you. A debriefing session with Angie Weinberger accompanies this tool to develop self-awareness.






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Global People Transitions

Global People Transitions is an Expat Career Coaching company dedicated to helping leaders improve global team performance through global competency and helping nomads find work they love. The company was founded in 2012 by Angie Weinberger. If you would like to know more about us please contact us through the contact form.