RockMe! Retreat

The RockMe! Retreat

When was the last time you sat on your desk after 7 PM to sort out a crisis of an expat or recalculate a balance sheet because earlier in the day you were firefighting and running from one issue to the next (including a call from your tax contact telling you that business traveler Mary will have to pay additional tax in the UK and will probably also be fined for working with out the correct permit). 

Did you then, after you pulled your fifth coffee of the day recalculate the balance sheet, email it out only to receive a text message from your direct manager - she probably already having a glass of wine somewhere fancy - to go home and get a life. 

And then, when you where just about to leave the building it starts to rain, your feet hurt already and you return to your desk again to get your sneakers. You see that you have five new emails, one from your expat with three questions on the balance sheet, one from Mary claiming she had no idea and two from your mother. Email 1: PLEASE CALL ME. Email 2: YOU MUST BE AT WORK. CALL ME LATER THEN.

And when you finally head home in your sneakers without an umbrella do you wonder why you did not get that promotion to Senior Manager? Do you wonder if another job at another company would be different? Do you think that Global Mobility was a one-way street with a dead end and that you will never get out of it alive?

Well, if this is how you feel: You should join us.


The Need for Transformation

I held a talk about why we need to transform Global Mobility in Rotterdam in January 2016. Since then I have worked with one of the greatest Global Mobility Teams in the world and I feel that the need for transformation is more urgent than ever.

We need to intensify our effort to transform ourselves too. I created "RockMe!", the "RockMeRetreat" and the "RockMeApp" to help Global Mobility Managers become the Rockstars they would like to be.

As I mentioned in my talk, we (the GM Professionals) roll up the stone assignee by assignee only to see it roll down again. We run report after report. No one in the company knows what we are doing. We are often managed by HR Directors who don’t get us. We are online 24/7. We are running projects. We listen to depressed spouses in our evenings.

Still, we do not get the promotion we deserve.

But there is hope. I am not willing to give up. Yet.

There is a need to change the approach to Global Mobility. We need to change ourselves too.

We need to reevaluate our assumptions of how we run international assignments.

We need to work on Global Mobility Fundamentals

1 We need global leadership competency in our international assignees. If they do not have it yet we need to send them out on long-term assignments earlier in their career. We should force assignees to learn the local language and coach them through the assignment experience. Intercultural briefings are not enough anymore.

2 We need to ensure that there is an international assignment business case showing assignment drivers and targets, expected gains or opportunities, assignment costs and a repatriation plan.

3 We need to implement succession plans and add our current assignees as potential successors. We need to ensure that the knowledge, skills and network they gain while on assignment is reflected in their repatriation plan. We also need to ensure better handovers to their successors in the host location.

4 We need to upgrade the Global Mobility Professionals. The Global Mobility function needs to sit closer to business development and move out of Human Resources.

We need to up-skill the case managers and train Global Mobility Professionals for a consultative approach. A Global Mobility Manager needs to be able to  work as trusted partners with the business line managers.* 

5 We need to consider the Expat Family in the process more by providing spouse career support, elderly care and educational advisory. We also should offer 24/7 support to our expat families in crisis situations. We need to be a helpline and professional counsellors.

We need to up-skill Global Mobility Managers

Western managers of my generation have to develop their relationship-building skills before becoming effective leaders of global teams. The performance of most global teams can only improve through higher global leadership competency following a holistic global competency model. A great assignment experience is linked to assignment targets, an international assignment business case and a repatriation plan. Companies focus more on succession plans and ensure that roles are filled in a structured manner. We need to improve handovers. Teams will manage themselves. Leadership will change.

You have the potential to become a critical player in the international growth of your businesses. You should be valued as the subject matter experts that you are. You will move out of Human Resources and be closer to business development. Assignees and spouses need to have a valuable intercultural experience. Both can further their career and life vision together. Expat children need support in moving from one culture to another. They might be multi-lingual at the end of their school life. Still, they have to cope with identity loss and loss of their roots.

Supporting you in Becoming the Global Mobility Leader of the Future

I know, that this is a lot to handle for every Global Mobility Manager and every aspiring Global Mobility Leader. Hence, I would like to offer you a chance to reconnect with yourself during an eight-day retreat called RockMeRetreat. You will also find soulmates and build a trusted network of like-minded professionals.

Together we will

  • Define your purpose
  • Increase your presence
  • Improve your preparation
  • Deliver on your promises

RockMe! for the Global Mobility Leaders of Tomorrow.

I recommend you join us if you are in one of the following transitions:

  • You are either expatriating or repatriating.
  • You have started a new role or new long-term project.
  • You would like to move from a transactional role into a strategic role.
  • You feel that your leadership does not understand, appreciate nor support you.
  • You want to feel less stressed, overwhelmed and more secure in a 24/7 role.



If you would like to read my full speech here is the original script.

Every Assignee and Spouse should have the best experience - Why we need to transform Global Mobility

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Kind regards

Angie Weinberger