The RockMeRetreat by Angie Weinberger

RockMeRetreat Ilanz, Graubuenden, Switzerland

The RockMeRetreat by Angie Weinberger is a seven-day leadership retreat for six to eight Expats or Nomads. It focuses on all the topics covered in Angie’s book, The Global Rockstar Album. 

The Global Rockstar Album

Themes for Global Rockstars

  • Reducing stress and workaholism
  • Getting into a productive and creative flow state (the “zone”)
  • Adapting your leadership style across cultures and becoming a more inclusive leader
  • Building better professional relationships to expand your circle of influence
  • Training, coaching, and mentoring more junior team members
  • Personal branding and content creation to build community
  • Understanding where you want to go next (role, assignment, or project)
  • Repatriating after a global career or project
  • Finding purpose in your life and work.

The RockMeRetreat by Angie Weinberger is designed to help you deal with your global career transitions into new roles, projects, and new markets. A particular focus is on improving all relevant relationships and finding the balance between conflicting priorities. We also foster your inherent wish to become a more inclusive leader.

Do you wish you could take time to reflect on your current situation and forge a breakthrough in a short timeframe?

Do you want to become a Global Rockstar in your field?

Then the RockMeRetreat is for you! Your first step towards that breakthrough is to apply for the program by emailing

Overworked and underappreciated?

When was the last time you sat at your desk after 7 PM sorting out a crisis because you spent the day running from one issue to the next, firefighting? Did you then, after you had downed your fifth coffee of the day, recalculate the balance sheet, update the presentation, and email it to your direct manager only to receive a text – probably while she is sitting in a fancy restaurant – to go home and get a life?

Are you stuck in a dead-end career?

And then, just as you’re about to exit the building, it starts to rain. You didn’t put your sneakers on when leaving, and your feet were already hurt from the mere thought of returning for them. On the way back to your office floor, do you wonder if life would be different at another job with another company? Maybe you’re on a one-way street racing toward a dead end. Perhaps you just weren’t good enough for this career path?  

Lost touch with friends and family?

And when you’re finally headed home in your sneakers (but no umbrella, because who can remember those things), do you check your buzzing phone to see that you have several new emails with questions regarding the balance sheet, one from your manager with improvements on the presentation and two from your mother. Don’t forget those texts from your best friend that you were supposed to reply to three days ago.

Overwhelmed by expatriate challenges?

As soon as you get home, you remember the missed calls from your mother and that you planned to call her back after work, but due to the overtime, it’s already midnight in her time zone, and she’d be fast asleep. Have you realized that it’s harder than anticipated to stay in touch with your loved ones back home and that you feel like you are still arriving in your new country even after six months? While changing for bed, do you feel exhaustion overwhelm you when you get an important call from one of your team members in New Zealand?


You can’t keep singing the same song and expect a better life. At the RockMeRetreat, you can learn to sing a new tune.


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