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Learn from three female Expats in Zurich

Female expats in Zurich not being able to stand out with their thought leadership because of constant changes in algorithms.

Stop worrying, and start acting with HireMeExpress. 

Navigating the Sea of Noise

For female expats navigating this sea of noise requires a strategic approach. This might involve creating high-quality, relevant content, utilizing targeted advertising, engaging with the audience, and staying adaptable to changes in the digital landscape. Building a meaningful online presence takes time, persistence, and a keen understanding of the target audience. 

Angie Weinberger is recording videos from her Red Couch.

Develop thought leadership without worrying about constantly changing algorithms on LinkedIn and Instagram.

We have invited Monica Shah and Keren-Jo Thomas to talk you through bilingual childcare in Zurich and how to manage your cash flow. Our very own Angie Weinberger will then talk about “Having a Voice in a Sea of Noise”. 

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We will limit the number of seats to keep our workshop enriching and interactive. Please sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot. Delve into the intricacies of multi-lingual education, ensuring cash flow for your business, and building a personal brand on social media in Zurich with three female founders, who understand the local landscape and run successful businesses themselves.

We offer:

Three lunch workshops on Family, Friends, Fame, and Fortune for Female Expats in Zurich!


Monica Shah
Monica Shah, Founder and CEO of Children First Ltd.

Workshop 1: Parenting Moments –

Educating Multi-lingual Children in Zurich, Switzerland

Date: Friday, 26 Jan 2024

Time: 12 PM CET – 1 PM CET

Speaker: Monica Shah, Founder of Children First


Learning Goals: 

  • What multilingual children need at school.

  • How you can decide about their education and set language goals if you plan to stay in Switzerland long-term?

  • What support options do you have when starting your children’s education in the Swiss system?

Keren-Jo Thomas - Financial Planner for Women
Keren-Jo Thomas – Financial Planner for Women

Workshop 2: Planning Magicians –

Financing Cash Flow for Female Founders

Date: Friday, 2 Feb 2024

Time: 12 PM CET – 1 PM CET

Speaker: Keren-Jo Thomas, Founder Keren-Jo Thomas, Financial Planning for Women


Learning Goals:

  • Why cash flow is critical in the first five years of starting,

  • How to finance a small but mighty business,

  • What is important when planning to start a business in Switzerland?


Angie Weinberger
I’m on a mission to bring the Human Touch back into Global Mobility.

Workshop 3: Powerful Missions –

Having a Voice in a Sea of Noise for Female Founders

Date: Friday, 9 Feb 2024

Time: 12 PM CET – 1 PM CET + 30 Minutes Q&A on the HireMeExpress Program

Speaker: Angie Weinberger,  Founder of Global People Transitions


Learning Goals: 

      • Why it is important to have a voice in a sea of noise.

      • How you can bring your mission to the world.

      • What you can do to get over imposter syndrome and fear of failure.

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Learn more about our Expat Spouse Career Program HireMeExpress – From Frustrated to Fantastic in 90 Days.

Are you an expat in Switzerland, navigating the challenges of job hunting, or dreaming of starting your own business in the vibrant city of Zurich? We understand the unique struggles you may face, and that’s why we’re here to introduce you to HireMeExpress, a group program designed to empower expats like you and guide you toward success in your career endeavors. We only have a limited number of seats available for the upcoming program start date of 15 March 24 and an end date of 21 June 24.

Resources for Your Journey

Why we think Expat Spouse Career Support is Essential for the Retention of Expats

Spouse Career Support is not just a service; it’s a fundamental pillar for the success of international moves. It plays a pivotal role in alleviating the challenges faced by the accompanying spouse, reducing stress, and mitigating the sense of isolation that often accompanies such transitions.

Beyond the immediate emotional benefits, providing career support to the accompanying spouse has profound implications for their overall well-being. Feedback from our clients consistently reinforces that they feel more settled in Switzerland when their spouse receives dedicated career assistance. We strive to foster an environment that minimizes the potential for family separation during this critical period of adjustment.

Moreover, investing in the career development of the accompanying spouse is an investment in their employability. By enhancing their skills and marketability, we empower them to become more attractive candidates to potential employers. This not only contributes to their personal growth but also aligns with our commitment to offering comprehensive support.

From an organizational perspective, companies that proactively offer Spouse Career Support send a powerful message of dedication to their employees and their families. This commitment, in turn, serves as a magnet for talent, fostering a workplace culture that values the holistic well-being of its members. This approach significantly contributes to talent retention, boosts employee engagement, and cultivates a sense of loyalty within the workforce.

Crucially, Spouse Career Support is not just about individuals; it’s about recognizing and addressing the diverse needs and experiences of employees and their families. In doing so, organizations contribute meaningfully to their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts by creating an inclusive environment that values every facet of the employee’s life.

Our success stories extend beyond basic support, reaching expats and expat spouses with seniority who might typically face limited opportunities in the Swiss job market. Angie Weinberger leverages her exceptional network and reputation to connect clients with decision-makers within target companies. This personalized approach transcends traditional career support, providing a bridge to opportunities that may have otherwise remained elusive.

In essence, Spouse Career Support is a cornerstone of successful international transitions, embodying a commitment to individuals, families, and the broader goals of fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.


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HireMeExpress - 12 Weeks from Frustrated to Fantastic
Expat Coach and Global Mobility Yoda Angie Weinberger

What other clients are saying about our Expat Spouse Career Program HireMeExpress – From Frustrated to Fantastic in 90 Days.

The key to a good Aperol Spritz goes beyond the proportions…it just tastes better depending on the atmosphere and the people you are with. I present to you Angie – the ultimate career bartender and her Ange-a-rol Spritz also known as the HireMeExpress program. No matter what season of life you are in, Angie’s program will give you a perfect blend of what you need to get to the next level in business and life.

Digital Marketing and Event Manager

Angie was my navigating system in Switzerland helping me in plenty of directions: cultural adaptation, how to transform my job application to the local market, to develop writing, storytelling, and structured way of expression. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

I highly appreciate her approach to constructive feedback, direct flexibility to adapt to the audience’s needs,  big heart, up-to-date advice, personalized attitude, giving ideas and new viewpoints, direct to the point, and motivation to go on trying. Following her advice, I now feel much more accepted here in Switzerland and feel more confident.

Antoaneta Petrova, HR Project Manager

During my transition to Switzerland, I quickly learned that I needed more than just a really good resume to tackle the local job market. I participated in the HireMe! Program with Coach Angie Weinberger because of the action-driven approach. I invested in myself and my career in this new country and it was worth it. The sessions and tasks made me aware of my strengths and chances. When I mapped out my network, for example, it was much bigger than I expected. Angie had great tips on how to approach and expand our network genuinely and authentically. The input and feedback I received from Angie were personal and focused. She and her team gave me the tools and self-esteem to land my first job in Switzerland! 

RV, Supply Chain Specialist

Angie was recommended to me as a mentor when I had a hard time finding work and lost my focus on what I actually wanted to do professionally and how to get there. I applied for the AIESEC Alumni Germany (AAG) Mentorship program and got the chance to be mentored by Angie.

We had monthly sessions and discussed topics that were important to me and she brought up topics that gave me new perspectives and motivation. I always felt that she cared and she offered extra sessions if I needed them. She is very experienced and inspiring in her way of helping people find their career path.

In her coaching program #HireMeExpress, we learned methods and valuable tips and tricks on how to find new access to and increase our chances on the job market.

Thanks to all that I found a new job and gained the courage to choose a new career path. I am grateful for the interesting and inspiring people I met. Most importantly I gained confidence in my skills and goals for the job market. I strongly recommend Angie and her program as she is a pro in her field, inspiring, and caring and it is fun working with her.

Malina Hillar

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Expat Spouse Career Program HireMeExpress Zurich – From Frustrated to Fantastic in 90 Days.

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