Guest Post: Turn Tech Trends in Your Favor

by Juan Gonzalez

Before talking about the trends that could help you, let’s talk about some of the issues you might face in your company. A clear identification of those issues is key for address them accordingly. Since technology is running too fast and you may find a lot of solutions out there that can help you, it is usual that those solutions just address certain problems in the short term but in the medium and long term, you will find that you pay for something that isn’t adding value at all.

Being in front of many customers selling solutions help me understand that not always I can provide the tool that matches and solves all the problems, but if I can understand their needs working together, I would help them understand the impact of the solutions within their companies, affecting people, processes, technology and overall business itself, a plan can be launch to later look for the best solutions that will cover almost all their needs. This consultative approach sometimes is missed by providers and at the end is not making any favor to your company.

For instance, a few years ago, I met a customer that was requesting a solution to dynamically allocate resources according to business needs and also provide management capabilities to monitoring certain pieces of their IT environment. While the customer already has certain software pieces that will allow him to address this, some other pieces were missing and was part of my approach; set up some phases to build up upon their current infrastructure taking care of the limited budget and addressing their needs. The issue was that having this limitation, he would like to address as much as possible in one single transaction. The customer decided to buy a solution from one competitor and start the project. Since there were other projects in this customer I could know the progress of the Dynamic Allocation project. To make the story short, a couple of years later, the customer was looking for alternatives again to solve almost the same problems, I had the opportunity to talk about this project again. You can find a lot of stories like this one.

The point here is that even he could find a provider he didn’t find a partner. That is the reason for a good planning phase. Could take longer against some variables within the company but could certainly avoid future problems.

Now, in the range of the problems that currently companies are facing in the IT arena, we can identify that security, mobility, and business continuance are the top priorities around this explosion of devices to access information. This also moves you on the social media and online services you may want to explore. So, in your company, how are you addressing these topics? Some companies could answer that there are no enough resources (people, money, time) to think of this strategic approach to IT but the discussion at the end is to take some time to see how these elements affect your business that clearly is what you focus on.


unnamedJuan C. Gonzalez is a experienced IT consultant. He works with and for customers to get as much from IT trends and technologies and apply them within their companies. Passionate for IT but also for supporting people. 

You can reach him via Twitter @juancgonzalez74.




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