Four Advantages of Working for Angie Weinberger

Guest Post by Oyindamola Adedokun, m

Working for Angie Weinberger helped me a lot. I had just graduated from studying international relations at the university; I was frantically searching for a role that would give me some global experience. Coupled with that was a desperate desire to find someone who could mentor and guide me in an international setting. On one of those days, when I was surfing the internet to see what opportunity I could get, I came in contact with Angie on Instagram.

Unknown to me, she is the managing director of Global People Transitions, GmbH, so I asked that she mentor me in the global mobility field. She graciously requested that I share my resume and informed me about a six-month internship opportunity with her company. This was the beginning of what would soon become an employer-employee relationship and, more significantly, a mentor-mentee relationship. 

1 – You Work in a Global Virtual Team

Global People Transitions was my first significant experience working with people from different cultural backgrounds. You are exposed to hands-on experience building your cultural agility when you intern, as you meet people from other parts of the world. Apart from the fact that we had a team that spanned three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa, I had the privilege of meeting and interacting with clients from different parts of the world, from America to Germany, the United Kingdom to India, from Switzerland to Bangladesh, etc. This experience is surreal!

2 – You Learn From a Cutting Edge Industry Guru

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Use checklists to prepare events and focus on improving them.

Angie Weinberger is undoubtedly a force in the global mobility profession who has lots of experience to share with newbies and industry professionals. Angie is an expat career coach, author, conference speaker, and guest lecturer with a long-standing history of expertise in the corporate world. Can you imagine feeding from a person with this repertoire of knowledge and experience? 






Photo Credit: Geoff Pegler Women in Global Mobility
Women in Global Mobility
Photo Credit: Geoff Pegler
inclusive environment for expats
Generations at Work
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3- You Get a High-Value Coaching Session With Angie Weinberger

As I mentioned, Angie Weinberger is an experienced and seasoned coach who is highly sought after. She would take you one-on-one on your career and professional goals. She gives tasks that help you gain clarity on your goals and what to do to achieve them. These sessions helped me gain insight into what I really wanted for my career. 

4 – You Upgrade Your Skill Set in Global Mobility

You will be in charge of general administrative tasks at Global People Transitions. This exposes you to lots of hands-on, relevant, real-world experience to learn how to perform effectively and efficiently in the 21st-century workplace. Additionally, being Angie’s right-hand person exposes you to everything in between global mobility and relocation to coaching and training professionals to acquire intercultural communication and team management skills, and many more among the plethora of professional skills Angie shares from her Swiss Army knife of a professional skills repertoire. I am happy to mention that these experiences have helped me land a fantastic job as an Experienced Analyst in one of the ‘Big Four’ professional services companies in Lagos, Nigeria. In this role, I will support expats from different countries in settling in Nigeria, from ensuring that there are no statutory and regulatory complications to helping them seamlessly integrate into the culture in Nigeria. The skills and experience I garnered while working at GPT would be helpful as I have watched Angie coach expats who had just moved into new countries.  


I unequivocally recommend interning at GPT to anyone, especially final-year students and fresh graduates, who are ready to jumpstart their careers in a fast-paced, international, and multicultural setting. Angie is such an engaging and caring manager, coach, and mentor who would be interested not only in how well you perform on the job but also in how you can achieve your long-term career goals. Angie demonstrated this by recommending many jobs and opportunities for me to apply to. Not limited to these, she also showed care for my personal well-being during the internship as I interned with her during a period when there was a protest that led to unrest in Lagos. The best lesson you will learn from her is that she is on a mission to bring the human touch to global mobility. As an intern, you will experience firsthand how it makes a world of difference and realize this is the added value you can later contribute to your future employers.

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