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The German Queen launches her Helping Handbuch

Helping Handbuch

The German Queen launches her Helping Handbuch “And the hands? Using hands to teach a language came instinctively to me. Across all cultures and languages, we naturally use our hands to communicate with each other, wordlessly expressing “hello,” “great,” and numbers. I build on this natural communication tool by using the hand as a visual cue for learning German and making it a hands-on experience.” Heike Reinhart Heike Reinhart truly believes that German does not have to be a complex language to learn. German by birth, traveler by passion, and a student of several languages herself, Heike knows that language proficiency is the key for expats to create exciting new experiences, deeper cultural connections, and better workplace integration. She is committed […]

Successful Immigration to Germany via the New Blue Card

Sandipta Jadhav

The New Blue Card Your Ticket to a Successful Immigration to Germany A Guest Post By Sandipta Jadhav, Immigration Lawyer, and Global Mobility Specialist New Blue Card statistics and success stories Since its introduction, the Blue Card program has been a resounding success, attracting highly skilled workers from around the world to Germany. With high numbers of Indians, Chinese, and Turkish nationals also have a deep interest in relocating to Germany. The program has contributed significantly to the German economy, with BlueCard holders bringing their expertise and innovation to various industries.  As you are aware, nationalities like Indian, Chinese, and Korean are always looking for overseas options in the dream of an advanced lifestyle. I believe this is the best […]

Key Factors to Consider When Defining Your Ideal Client as an Expat Coach

Key Factors to Consider When Defining Your Ideal Client as an Expat Coach Are you struggling to attract the right clients to your business? Do you find yourself working with clients who don’t align with your values or goals? If so, it’s time to define your ideal client. Understanding who your ideal client is and what they want is essential for creating effective marketing strategies and building a successful business. In this article, we will explore the five key factors you need to consider when defining your ideal client. From demographics and psychographics to pain points and goals, we will dive deep into what makes your ideal client tick. By the end of this article, you will have a clear […]

Do You Know Your Own Recipe?

Daniel Toth

Do You Know Your Own Recipe? Managing Your Own Diversity at Work A Guest Post by Daniel Toth I’ve never cooked a goulash in my life, I guess for many reasons. You need a lot of people to eat it, or you will eat it alone for a week. Then, not all the ingredients are available in Switzerland, or at least not with the exact same taste. But most likely, I tend to avoid everything Hungarian in my life, which could remind me of my home, where I grew up… it is not the place at all that it used to be, but populism and its effect on society is not the topic of today.  Yet when I was asked […]

Privilege in the Workplace

Privilege in the Workplace

Breaking Down Privilege: Recognizing and Overcoming Inequality In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of social issues and inequalities, it is crucial to delve into the concept of privilege. Privilege, often defined as unearned advantages enjoyed by certain individuals or groups, plays a significant role in perpetuating inequality in our society. This thought-provoking topic calls for a deep dive into the various forms of privilege that exist and the impact they have on marginalized communities. By understanding and acknowledging privilege, we can take essential steps toward creating a more inclusive and equitable world for all. In this article, we will explore the different dimensions of privilege, examine the ways it manifests in our day-to-day lives, and discuss effective strategies […]