The German Queen launches her Helping Handbuch

Helping Handbuch

The German Queen launches her Helping Handbuch

“And the hands? Using hands to teach a language came instinctively to me. Across all cultures and languages, we naturally use our hands to communicate with each other, wordlessly expressing “hello,” “great,” and numbers. I build on this natural communication tool by using the hand as a visual cue for learning German and making it a hands-on experience.” Heike Reinhart

Heike Reinhart truly believes that German does not have to be a complex language to learn. German by birth, traveler by passion, and a student of several languages herself, Heike knows that language proficiency is the key for expats to create exciting new experiences, deeper cultural connections, and better workplace integration. She is committed to teaching and guiding globally mobile professionals and their families to speak German quickly and without frustration. Her personalized approach builds student confidence and accelerates the learning process by focusing on what matters for students to reach their goals. For those wishing to make Switzerland their long-term home, Heike also provides courses on German test preparation (Goethe, TELC, Fide), allowing students to quickly and successfully obtain Swiss visas and citizenship. In this preparation, she explains the cultural differences expats may encounter working in Switzerland and Germany to enable smoother integration and improved performance. 

She is also the author of the game-changing German language book The German Grammar Guide, a key to help unlock the German language, which offers innovative and straightforward syntax solutions.

We are celebrating Heike’s Helping Handbuch, which introduces a new approach focusing on the correct word order rather than complicated grammar rules. Heike has trained individuals and groups in Fortune 500 companies. She lived in the US for ten years. She is the founder and president of International German Teacher LLC in Basel, Switzerland. Here are great photo impressions from the book launch by Anna Burnett.

Heike’s Secret to Success is getting into action and not waiting for everything to be perfect. She says that I taught her the best time is always now.

The Helping Handbuch (2022) is a German Language book focusing on word order using rules that stick. This simple and proven method focuses on what matters. Eighteen helping hands help you communicate quickly and successfully with the new approach. As mentioned in the NewInZurich post about the Helping Handbuch by Heike Reinhart: Struggling with German Grammar? A few key rules explained in an easy-to-understand way are all you need to get on top! German Language teacher Heike Reinhart has written this straightforward book explaining the important key rules when learning German. There are many pictures and explanations, and Heike’s Helping Handbuch is a German Language book focusing on word order, using stick rules. This simple and proven method focuses on what matters.” 

As mentioned in my inaugural speech, there are seven good reasons why you should learn German.

  1. Most importantly, If you already live here, for integration and to make German-speaking friends.
  2. To get German Humor
  3. To understand Goethe, Schiller, Brecht, Dürrenmatt, Frisch, and modern authors like Kim De L’Horizon in original voice.
  4. To understand the language of engineers and why Germans need help talking about feelings (it’s just not in the language).
  5. To understand the German soul (Faust) and the Swiss soul (Tell) and what deeply drives us.
  6. Be more sensitive when working across cultures and become a Global Rockstar and inclusive leader.
  7. To pass all immigration requirements that are tested via the GOETHE, TELC, or FIDE test system.

Where can it be ordered from?

The book can only be ordered directly from Heike Reinhart’s website. However, she is currently in the process of launching the book around the world with Amazon.

Unlocking the German Code: Heike’s The Helping HandBuch

Greetings, language enthusiasts and global citizens! Today, we’re embarking on a captivating exploration of the German language and the profound beauty of unraveling the intricacies of different languages. We’ll delve into the transformative impact of Heike Reinhart’s Helping HandBuch and its changing role in the global mobility industry, painting a vivid picture of how language mastery is not just a skill—it’s a passport to success for expatriates worldwide.

The Polyglot’s Palette: Embracing the Beauty of Languages

Languages, like colors on an artist’s palette, add vibrancy and depth to the canvas of our lives. Each language is a unique brushstroke, contributing to the rich tapestry of human expression. Heike Reinhart, our guide on this linguistic journey, understands this symphony of languages. Being a native German speaker, a seasoned traveler, and a student of multiple languages, Heike recognizes that language is not merely a tool for communication; it’s the gateway to cultural richness, a bridge connecting diverse worlds.

The Global Citizen’s Advantage: Unlocking Opportunities Through Language Mastery

For expatriates and global citizens, the ability to speak multiple languages is not just an asset; it’s a strategic advantage. It opens doors to opportunities, fosters cross-cultural understanding, and accelerates integration into new environments. Heike’s mission goes beyond teaching German; it’s about empowering international mobile professionals to confidently navigate the intricacies of language, culture, and community.

Heike’s Helping HandBuch: A Vital Companion for Expatriates

Now, let’s spotlight Heike’s Helping HandBuch and why it’s a vital companion for expatriates in the global mobility industry.

1. Efficiency in Learning: The Helping HandBuch’s innovative approach, focusing on word order rather than drowning learners in complex grammar rules, is a game-changer for expats. It streamlines the learning process, providing practical tools for effective communication in the workplace and daily life.

2. Cultural Sensitivity: Expatriates often find themselves navigating diverse cultural landscapes. Heike’s book is not just about language; it’s a guide to understanding the cultural nuances that impact effective communication. This cultural sensitivity is a crucial ingredient for successful global mobility.

3. Career Accelerator: In a world where international career opportunities abound, language proficiency is a valuable asset. Armed with the linguistic tools provided by Heike’s Helping HandBuch, expatriates stand out in the professional landscape, unlocking doors to global career advancements.

4. Visa and Citizenship Facilitation: For those seeking long-term residence in countries like Switzerland, where Heike is based, language proficiency is often a requirement for visas and citizenship. Heike’s Helping Handbuch doesn’t just teach the language; it prepares expatriates for the specific language tests needed for legal requirements.

You can also check out the ten reasons to Learn German.

The Beauty of Multilingualism: A Bridge Across Cultures

Learning different languages is not just a practical skill; it’s an immersive journey into the soul of diverse cultures. It fosters empathy, breaks down barriers, and enhances the overall quality of expatriate life. Expatriates who embrace multilingualism find themselves surviving in a new environment and thriving in it, forging deep connections with locals and fellow expats alike.

Expanding Horizons: The Global Mobility Industry’s Perspective

Language proficiency is a cornerstone in the global mobility industry, where professionals navigate the complexities of international assignments. The ability to communicate effectively in the local language is not just a checkbox—it’s a strategic necessity. Heike’s Helping HandBuch becomes a valuable tool for global mobility professionals, enabling them to support expatriates in their language learning journey and ensuring smoother transitions.

A Call to Action: Embrace the Linguistic Odyssey

To all the expatriates, global nomads, and language enthusiasts, the call is clear: embrace the linguistic odyssey. The beauty of learning different languages goes beyond the practical advantages; it’s a celebration of diversity, an acknowledgment of the interconnectedness of our global community.

Heike Reinhart’s Helping HandBuch is not just a book; it’s a beacon guiding expatriates through the intricate maze of language and culture. It’s a testament to the belief that language mastery is not a barrier but a bridge connecting hearts, minds, and professional success in the global mobility landscape.

Heike’s Helping HandBuch as a Catalyst for Expatriate Triumph

As we conclude our linguistic journey, let’s celebrate the beauty of language learning and acknowledge its transformative power for expatriates. Heike’s Helping HandBuch stands as a catalyst, a guiding light in the global mobility industry, ensuring that expatriates don’t just survive but thrive in their new linguistic and cultural landscapes.

So, fellow language adventurers, let’s unlock the symphony of languages, explore the beauty of diversity, and, with Heike’s Helping HandBuch in hand, embark on a journey of linguistic triumph in the global mobility industry. 

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