Client Testimonials Expat Coach Angie Weinberger

What our Clients are Saying about Expat Coach Angie Weinberger

“Expat Coach Angie Weinberger was my navigating system in Switzerland helping me in plenty of directions: cultural adaptation, how to transform my job application to the local market, to develop writing, storytelling, and structured way of expression. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I highly appreciate her approach to constructive feedback, direct flexibility to adapt to the audience’s needs,  big heart, up-to-date advice, personalized attitude, giving ideas and new viewpoints, direct to the point, and motivation to go on trying. Following her advice, I now feel much more accepted here in Switzerland and feel more confident.” AP, HR Project Manager


“The key to a good Aperol Spritz goes beyond the proportions…it just tastes better depending on the atmosphere and the people you are with. I present to you Angie – the ultimate career bartender and her Ange-a-rol Spritz also known as the HireMeExpress program. No matter what season of life you are in, Angie’s program will give you a perfect blend of what you need to get to the next level in business and life.” DK, Marketing and Event Manager,


Angie Weinberger was recommended to me as a mentor when I had a hard time finding work and lost my focus on what I actually wanted to do professionally and how to get there. I applied for the AIESEC Alumni Germany (AAG) Mentorship program and got the chance to be mentored by Angie. We had monthly sessions, discussed topics that were important to me and she brought up topics that gave me new perspectives and motivation. I always felt that she cared and she offered extra sessions if I needed them.

She is very experienced and inspiring in her way of helping people find their career path. In her coaching program #HireMeExpress, we learned methods and valuable tips and tricks on how to find new access to and increase our chances on the job market. Thanks to all that I found a new job and gained the courage to choose a new career path. I am grateful for the interesting and inspiring people I met. Most importantly, I gained confidence of my skills and goals for the job market. I strongly recommend Angie and her program as she is a pro in her field, inspiring, and caring and it is fun working with her. MH


I would like to strongly recommend Angie as the extraordinary coach and her “RockMe!” Coaching Program, which helped me with my job search strategy and I had learned to build a sustainable professional network in the Swiss job market.

A. A., Sales Account Manager at Oracle

While working with Angela on corporate blog writing, I was always impressed by Angela’s insightful and thorough questions to preparing a good blog post. She didn’t simply ask “why”, but she really wanted to understand the situation at hand and determine, wholeheartedly, the best way to approach it. I can image this is how she is when dealing with her own clients. She also does a fantastic job with The Powerhouse Collective in Zurich. I’m a regular attendee and have even presented once. I must say that I am impressed!

A. R. – Early Careers Coordinator at Cambridge Assessment

I felt very confused about my career before I met Angie. After talking to many people from different backgrounds, I still wasn’t sure what I was going to pursue. I thought that, because of my unconventional path, I was never going to have a successful career. Angie’s help came at a good time and she listened carefully to my problems. I felt understood and found the courage to define my own purpose. After that, I started to have some clarity on what I was going to do and the rest followed. I am thankful for Angie’s help and her great listening skills, as well as her determination to help expats who feel stuck rediscover their paths.

J. R. – Master’s Student at the University of Zurich

I had the pleasure to meet Angela few months ago. She was my career consultant at Global Career Support Program. The outcome of working with Angela strongly exceeded my pre-program expectations. Angela is a highly professional consultant providing you not only with the “technical aspects” of the job market (like country adapted CV, interview techniques etc.) but above of all she is inspiring and encourages you to take the opportunity to reconsider your life and career needs. I would highly recommend Angela as a career coach.

M. S. – Senior BPA, Finance IT and Business Partner at Novartis

I met Angie on social network when I was in mid of my graduation. She was always kind, friendly and someone who always wanted to do things differently. She was Global mobility Head at Pwc (Switzerland) at that time. Later, she left her job even when she was at peak and started her own company known as She inspired me to be an entrepreneur myself even in a country like Pakistan. She is extremely strong and optimistic even when things don’t exactly go her way. Like any other person, she panics when she fails but always have something else to look forward to. I left my job after my post graduate and she officially started mentoring me for no money! I won a mini competition that she held for female entrepreneurs to provide some initial funds and lifetime coaching.

She believes in supporting females in business especially from third world countries. Since after leaving my job, I earned more in business than I could’ve in one year of job. She is now my guide and support in everything. Whether if they are for fears regarding owning a business or life crisis, she is always there for me and her advices are actually life saving. I know that she mentor other females in business but never brags about it. What makes her unique is her ability to relate with how other person is feeling. She is not fake! Her every advise is somewhat from her personal business or job experience. She believes in sharing. She recommends people open heartily, without thinking what she will get out of it. I’ve achieved my own business, own a company known as sparkzing in Pakistan. We provide social media marketing services internationally. I am doing so well that this year I might even expand! I thank her and recommend her to be your coach,if you want to do better in career or personal life.

Nabeha Latif – Digital Marketing Manager at Global People Transitions

I worked with Angela to recruit our Marketing and Communications manager, a new departure for my international Association after 9 years of operations in Zurich. Angela also planned and organised a workshop for heads of school explaining work certificates in Switzerland with the legal expertise delivered by an external lawyer. She finds good people for the job. Angela presents beautifully, our staff training day in April 2015 was improved by her input. Her coaching skills were put to good use in-house when discussing personal and career development with more junior members of the team.

M. S. Z. – Head of Children First & School Choice Relocation Consultant

I participated in the HireMe! Program in 2016. I chose the program because it is action-driven. To invest in myself and my career in a new country was definitely worth it. The sessions and tasks made me aware of my strengths and chances. When I mapped and activated my network for example, it was much bigger than I expected. The input and feedback I received from the Global People Transitions team was personal and focussed. The team gave me the tools and self-esteem to land my first job in Switzerland!

Supply Chain Specialist at DSM

My first time meeting with Angela Weinberger was in December 2012 and she conducted a 4-month one on one career counseling. She is a career guidance counselor. She helped me regaining professional confidence, expanding networks, developing professional knowledge and information, and cultural diversity. I am writing to recommend Angela Weinberger as a career coach. She is highly experienced and qualified.

L. J. – Marketing Representative at PT Caterpillar Indonesia Branch

Thanks to my following the HireMe! program in 2014 I landed myself a job offer in the field I wanted. Angie’s coaching together with the opportunities of exchanging freely on both personal and career issues gave me the tools to reassess my capabilities and proudly communicate them. Her listening and analytical exceptional skills made the difference!

Valerie Priestley – HR Generalist at Seattle Genetics

I have known Angie from my discussion with her on various international job opportunities and speed coaching sessions, she has always been supportive and guided me to choose the best possible of her striking quality is her ability to listen patiently to the issues put forth and then give her advice on it. As a person she has been very kind and sincere. I wholeheartedly recommend her and I look forward to our professional paths crossing in future.

R. R. – Sociopreneur

Angela is a true professional when working with Partner Support clients with us. She goes the extra mile and always tries to bring out the best in each person she works with. She is dedicated to helping them to achieve their chosen goals, therefore I look forward to working with her again.

J. L., Regional Advisor (APAC), Global Skills at Crown World Mobility

I had the opportunity to do my internship at Angie Weinberger’s company, Global People Transitions GmbH, and could benefit a lot from this time on both the personal and professional level. Angie is highly competent, has always been very passionate about her work and also likes to think outside the box sometimes. I recommend her to everyone who is looking for expertise in the field of Global Mobility.

M. P. – Mobility Consultant at EY