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Avoiding Expatriate Failure

Family Separation

We discussed how family challenges and marital issues significantly impact the outcome of international assignments. We also saw that many companies list the Expat Spouse’s unhappiness as the primary cause of “Expatriate Failure,” highlighting the importance of the Expat Spouse and Partner career support programs.  We will discuss more extensively the kind of support you can give Dual-Career Expat Couples and why that matters. I have always advocated for Global Mobility Managers to involve Expat Spouses proactively. Sometimes I sound like a broken record, though. I reiterate what I’ve been repeating for years. The days of the passive “trailing spouse,” when they were marginally involved in any decision to move abroad, are gone. Most expats (mobile employees) actively involve their […]

Why Building Professional Relationships is Harder for Expat Spouses in Zurich

Spouse Adjust

I sat on a panel, and I just got as far as saying, “I think…” when the other panelist gave her opinion on the matter. She probably didn’t notice that I was trying to say something, but for a moment, I was annoyed and thought, “How rude…”. And it seems to happen more and more that I am waiting an instant too long and then it is too late to say what I wanted to say. I now notice how I have become a “Swiss person.” Maybe I have allowed a younger and shyer version of myself to take over these days. Having lived here in Zurich for over ten years, I prefer to run my life in a Swiss […]

The Swiss Summer Slump – ​​A Ten Step Plan to Make the Most of the Summer Downtime

Summer Feeling

The Swiss Summer Slump is around the corner. From mid-July to mid-August, Switzerland seems to fall asleep. Despite the recession and terminations of contracts in the banking and IT sector, I expect the “Swiss Summer Slump” very soon. Decision-makers aren’t around to take interviews, and your chances of finding a job over the summer holidays are usually lower than in busy times. So, if you haven’t signed a contract by now, I bet you won’t sign one within the next four weeks. If you prove me wrong, I invite you to a Margherita and a Margarita (M&M). The challenge is on. With the start of international and Swiss school holidays, you notice fewer people on the trains, and motivation to […]

The Push for Rainbow Talent in Global Mobility – Five Tips for Rainbow Talent Moving to Zurich, Switzerland

Rainbow Talent

In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, the concept of a nomadic lifestyle is gaining popularity among individuals who identify as part of the rainbow talent spectrum. The rainbow talent, encompassing the LGBTQ+ community, brings diversity and unique perspectives to the global workforce. For those embracing a nomadic lifestyle, navigating the challenges and joys can be exhilarating. When we started our series for Rainbow Talent, we came across common challenges worldwide. We thought we would give you these five tips for Zurich, Switzerland. Please contact us for resources if you need the same guidance for other locations. Here are five tips to help rainbow talent thrive in their nomadic endeavors. What is a Nomadic Lifestyle? We consider it a […]

The Push for Rainbow Talent in Global Mobility – Part 4

Rainbow Talent

I recently started this series of posts on the push for “Rainbow Talent” in Global Mobility. The Push for Rainbow Talent in Global Mobility is a series we created for Pride Month to raise awareness of the issues diverse and queer talent might experience in the realm of Global Mobility. In Part 1 we focused on the WHY and in Part 2 on the HOW. Here we focus on the benefits of a more inclusive Global Mobility program. In part 4 we will focus on WHAT you can do to change with ten concrete action steps. We discussed the background here (Part1) and here (Part 2). I’ve also given you lots of reasons why it makes sense to support Rainbow […]