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The Global People Club Sandwich is my online diary

Hi there, I’m Angela Weinberger, and I am on a mission to bring the #HumanTouch back into Global Mobility.

I did not know how important my work would become when I started the #GlobalPeopleClub to help expats and nomads with their careers and lives. I started GlobalPeopleTransitions with a blog that turned into a startup and is now a full-fletched training, coaching, and consulting firm around #GlobalMobility. 🌍

📦 🎒 Moving to another country, role, or project is stressful. Research shows that these “transitions” range in the top ten stress factors in the world. If you are stressed right now, you are not alone. You can have a great experience when moving to a new country to work as an Expat.

If you are an Expat Partner, you should be able to find work you care about even if you don’t have a network in the new country yet. I want to understand your personal story. I prefer to continue this conversation in person. The best way to connect with us is via email and DM.

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We know that websites do not always answer all of our questions when we are in a state of confusion and overwhelm. Please contact us if you need more support or if we can help you make sense of your current situation.


The Global People Club is an idea I mentioned in one of my earliest publications in 2009. We tend to interact with international mobile professionals, expats, expat partners, and Global Mobility professionals. My idea was to create a community of selected professionals and connect them. I started my business, Global People Transitions, around the concept of the Global People Club and wrote this vision in 2012.


“We aspire for peace and prosperity for all people! Through Global Mobility expertise, executive coaching, and intercultural training, our clients build sustainable relationships across the globe and act as responsible leaders.”

Angela Weinberger, Global People Transitions – Our Vision 2012


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Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of expats and expat partners to enhance their expat experience and careers, find a job that matters to them, and improve their international assignment experience. I have noticed that all of you are quite stressed out. You are too busy to hang out on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other communities. I also became even busier once you noticed that my work helps you.

Busy Global People Read “The Club Sandwich”

Over ten years ago, I decided to focus on sending you one email per week called “The Club Sandwich.” I write the article weekly and aim to publish it on Sunday morning. You will find event tips, and the email should inspire you to take action. That’s the main point. I want to help you have a better Expat Experience. I’ve achieved this goal most of the time. Sometimes, it was not easy to continue with this habit as I did not get any feedback in the early days. I also did not make any money while writing, editing, and improving the content. It is quite different today, though, and I am happy I pushed through. I am proud to say that I have collected a resource for the Global People Club that is worth publishing. Please continue to read, share the Club Sandwich with friends, and let me know what I can do better.




The Top Questions to Ask When Selecting an Expat Coach


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