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Tea Time

“I’m on a mission to bring the Human Touch back into Global Mobility.”



My team and I send out the “Club Sandwich” to our readers every week, usually on Sunday nights.

Our Club Sandwich is a weekly online publication covering topics such as

  • branding yourself as a global, digital nomad or expat
  • finding a job or developing your business through effective networking
  • further developing your career or your business by developing laser focus and Jedi productivity
  • free stuff, workshop offers and unsolicited advice on anything related to burgers and wine (that’s where the wineburger came from).

Are you drawn to writing? The next Stephen King?

If you wish to write for us please consult the Guest Blogging Guidelines.

You find previous versions of the Club Sandwich in this dusty archive. You can also use the search function on our website to find the topic of your interest or Angie’s WhatsApp number. And if you have any trouble finding what you are looking for please tubemail.  We know where to find the advice you need.

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