Self-Exploitation of Female Founders

Female Founder Angie Weinberger has been running Global People Transitions since 2010

The Self-Exploitation of Female Founders

Seven Reasons for a Lack of Income

I asked #ChatGPT why #Google reviews are critical and why you should support female founders. Supporting a female founder is essential for fostering diversity and equality in business. Here are a few reasons why it’s important:

šŸŒŸ Diversity of Perspectives: Female founders often bring unique perspectives and experiences to the business landscape. Embracing diversity in leadership can lead to more innovative and creative solutions.

šŸ‘©ā€šŸŽ¤ Representation Matters: By supporting female founders, you contribute to breaking down gender stereotypes and encourage more women to pursue entrepreneurship. Visible role models inspire others to follow suit.

šŸ’¹ Economic Impact: Empowering female entrepreneurs can positively impact the economy. Studies have shown that supporting women in business leads to job creation and economic growth.

šŸŒ Global Impact: Women-led businesses can address unique challenges and needs in the market that might be overlooked. This can lead to developing products and services that benefit a broader and more diverse audience.

šŸ… Corporate Social Responsibility: Supporting female founders aligns with principles of corporate social responsibility. It demonstrates a commitment to fairness, equality, and social progress.

Ultimately, supporting a #femalefounder is not just about gender; it’s about recognizing and valuing the diverse contributions that individuals, regardless of gender, can bring to the entrepreneurial landscape.

Ask for Google Reviews

Google reviews are important for several reasons. Firstly, they build credibility and trust. Potential customers often rely on reviews to gauge a business’s or service’s quality. Positive reviews can act as social proof, reassuring others that your business is reliable and provides a positive experience.

Secondly, Google reviews can impact your search engine rankings. A business with more positive reviews will likely rank higher in local search results, making it more visible to potential customers.

Additionally, reviews provide valuable feedback. They can highlight areas where your business excels and areas needing improvement. This feedback is crucial for refining your services and addressing customer concerns.

In summary, Google reviews contribute to your online reputation, influence search rankings, and offer insights for business improvement. You can ask at the end of every program:

“We appreciate having you as a client and reader. If you’ve enjoyed our coaching or read our blog or #TheGlobalPeopleClubSandwich, could you share your experience on Google? Your feedback means a lot to us. šŸŒŸ Review Angie Weinberger’s Coaching here.šŸŒŸ

Finally, to all my female founder colleagues out there. Here is a gentle reminder about an issue you might face as well:

Stop Your Self-Exploitation āš™ šŸ¹

I procrastinated on this article for too long but today is the day where I need to write it. Why? I almost fell into the trap, the trap of self-exploitation, and self-damage and nearly ruined myself in the process. However, with good coaching and a supportive personal and professional network, I found a way out of the burnout trap and hassle of being a female founder. I’m not saying that I could not earn more money, but I know my worth and I get paid what I am worth (unless I work pro bono which is a choice occasionally).

I have been wondering for a while why many female founders and freelancers allow themselves to work for little money or even for free. I came across seven reasons that I want to share with you. Iā€™m hoping for a discussion on how we can avoid exploiting ourselves as female founders or “entrepreneuses”. If you are the partner or husband of a female founder maybe you also want to know how you can support her.

Seven Reasons Why Your Income as a Female Founder May Be Insufficient

  1. Basic Needs Are Met: If you have a stable home and regular meals, consider yourself privileged. Living in a country where you can freely express concerns adds another layer to that privilege. However, ensuring financial stability for the future, especially regarding old-age pensions or unforeseen circumstances, requires additional planning. Recent studies emphasize the importance of long-term financial planning, with a focus on unexpected events and retirement preparedness.
  2. Wealthy Background: Being born into wealth or inheriting a substantial sum can relieve financial stress. It might even afford the luxury of working for free or contributing to charitable causes. Current research explores the impact of inherited wealth on individual economic behaviors and societal wealth distribution, shedding light on the challenges and responsibilities associated with substantial financial backgrounds.
  3. Impostor Syndrome: The phenomenon of “Impostor Syndrome”, where individuals doubt their accomplishments and fear being exposed as frauds, can hinder financial success. Research in psychology delves into strategies to overcome this mindset, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and positive reinforcement in professional settings.
  4. Fear of Competition: Keeping prices low due to perceived competition signals a lack of confidence and branding. Research suggests that finding a niche market can enhance competitiveness. Understanding the psychology of pricing and consumer behavior is crucial in developing a recognizable brand and fostering a sense of pride in one’s work.
  5. Unclear Target Audience: Failure to define a specific client group leads to ambiguity and potential clients feeling disconnected. Recent business studies stress the significance of target audience segmentation for effective marketing. Tailoring products and services to a well-defined audience increases the likelihood of success.
  6. Lack of Tech Skills: In an era dominated by digital and social media marketing, a lack of tech skills can be a significant barrier. Research in the field of digital literacy highlights the importance of adapting to technological advancements. Overcoming the fear of online presence requires education on cybersecurity measures and leveraging digital tools for professional growth.
  7. Limited Networking: Overreliance on digital marketing may neglect the power of offline networking. Current studies emphasize the value of personal connections and client referrals. Building a robust offline network enhances credibility and establishes trust, leading to a transition from a culture of freebies to a client base willing to invest in products and services.

Solving the Income Challenge: As a first step, engaging in a conversation to identify and address these obstacles is crucial. Seeking guidance and mentorship aligns with contemporary career development strategies. Research-backed approaches to career advancement emphasize mentorship, skill development, and networking as integral components for sustained success.



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  1. Kudos to the writer for sharing the remarkable story of a female pioneers! Your portrayal of their determination and ingenuity in navigating the complexities of the industry is truly commendable. Sadaf Roksana, female fintech founder in Bangladesh, her journey not only exemplifies entrepreneurial grit but also underscores the potential for groundbreaking advancements when diversity and inclusivity thrive in fintech.

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