The Swiss Summer Slump

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The Swiss Summer Slump

Seven Margheritas and Margaritas to Make More of the Downtime

The Swiss Summer Slump is around the corner. From Mid-July to Mid August, Switzerland seems to fall asleep. Despite the recession and terminations of contracts in the banking and IT sector, I expect the “Swiss Summer Slump” very soon. Decision-makers aren’t around to take interviews, and your chances of finding a job over the summer holidays are usually lower than in busy times. So if you haven’t signed a contract by now, I bet you won’t sign one within the next four weeks. Yes, I will invite you to Margherita and Margarita, if you prove me wrong.

With the start of international and Swiss school holidays, you notice fewer people on the trains, and motivation to work is generally lower than usual. This is when to take overtime compensation, go home at decent hours, and leave the country for a while. It’s also time to jump into a lake near you every evening after work.

Let’s pull out the deck chair, parasol, and sunscreen and just relax with a Margherita and Margarita (M&M)

Nooo, my friend. You won’t get out that easily.

The Cost of Margherita and Margarita in Zurich

If you lived in Zurich for a while you probably know by now that the price for a Pizza Margherita (note the different spelling) is around 18 CHF. A Margarita drink costs approximately 18 CHF. (And if you are like me, we never stop at one Margarita, when we have a good time). So, on a “normal” fun night with the girls you could easily spend 90 CHF. (I need to explain that because many people cannot relate to our price levels.). As long as you had a job you probably did not mind spending this money on a good night out. 

If you are currently unemployed, trying to launch your own brand or you have just been given notice and you are not profiting from the RAV (Swiss Unemployment Office) financial support, I would like to help you save money and bring in an income to your family again fast. (You might remember our advent calendar for ideas to make money in December.) 

Let’s look at the Job Market

Contract-to-hire positions are abundant during the summer season, and many job-seekers decide to take the summer off, which is a considerable advantage if you keep job hunting. There is another factor that is encouraging this year: Swiss businesses, despite all their efforts, can’t manage to hire all the needed workers. 

This is partly due to this “Great Resignation” (this term describes a significant protest movement among employees related to their jobs, leading to a widespread wave of resignations and major strikes) and Switzerland’s healthy economic growth over the last few months. In the two decades prior to the Covid-19 shock, Switzerland demonstrated a commendable history of growth, with an average annual GDP growth rate of +2%. This figure notably surpassed the +1.4% growth rate observed for the Eurozone as a whole. (Allianz Trade Collection Complexity Score, 2022). 

You can still find a Job

These exceptional circumstances might help you find a new job in the next few months. Due to the significant shifts in the labor market landscape since the Pandemic, many workers want to change careers. That, in turn, creates thousands of job openings. The Swiss job market presently has over 100’000 job vacancies (1st quarter 2022, that is +60,4% in a year, according to the Federal Statistical Office), mainly in the industry and service sectors. As a result, staff shortages have reached record levels (Jaberg, Swissinfo, 7 June 2022). 

According to the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), during the first quarter of 2023, there was a 2.2% increase in total employment (number of jobs) compared to the same quarter in the previous year. When adjusted for seasonal fluctuations, this increase was 0.6% compared to the previous quarter.

In terms of full-time equivalents, there was a 2.4% growth in jobs. Companies reported a total of 7,100 more vacancies (+5.9%) compared to the previous year, and the employment outlook indicator remained positive. These findings are based on the latest data from the FSO.

You may feel late to the game if you seek a job. The most common reaction I see from clients is to stop all efforts over the summer. But, of course, doing this would be counter-productive; you can use this time for your job search and business development by following our M&M Plan for finding a job and launching your personal brand in Zurich.

1 – Follow the HireMeExpress Online Course

Commit to a schedule by working with us via the HireMeExpress online course. It contains 12 PLUS three weeks of intense preparation to prepare you for the job market. We give you the videos, templates, weekly summary, and homework for the HireMeExpress program. You can start anytime. We offer this online course at a M&M Plan of 37 CHF during the summer slump and hope it will help you stay motivated and on track. 

We also encourage you to plan your time to spend more time outside (you know you will need that extra vitamin D in a few months!). Starting this week, we recommend you work on a unique “M&M Summer Schedule” from 7 AM to 2 PM as I do, and then you can spend the rest of the day in the “Badi” of your choice, reading, listening to podcasts, and enjoying life! 

In order for you to not cringe at the thought of paying 37 CHF for an online course I have tried and tested this recipe for a perfect summerly pizza without yeast.:

And here is the recipe for the “Classic Margarita”:

2 – Buy a new Power Suit

So, now that you are saving money as you learn to make your own pizzas and cocktails you can consider a short-term investment. Women need to get better at financial management and I am here to guide you, because I have in the past made mistakes that have cost me a lot of money. However, there is one strategy that always works for me: The Power Suit. You will need a new power suit for that next interview or business meeting. So get yourself a good new suit or signature piece or a few basics from Adam Brody in Zurich. Adam Brody is happy to consult you on your style as well. Let him know that I’ve sent you and ask for the “Angie” treatment. 

3 – Enjoy a Beauty Ritual

I recommend another short-term investment in the M&M Plan is that you plan time to pamper yourself. Georgina Georgiu runs an English-speaking day spa in Zurich. The Pure Beauty Spa team is highly professional, and the products are excellent. You will get 20% off your first treatment when you mention “Angie” in your booking.

4 – Have Your Headshot Taken

Consider revisiting why a personal brand is essential. If you are looking for a photographer, we recommend Carmen Sirboiu, owner of Carmen. Photo. All our members and clients are eligible for a unique discount for a Premium LinkedIn and Personal Branding photo session with Carmen. Using the code ‘’Global People’’ you get the session at the Special Price of 180 CHF (value 250 CHF). 

5 – Build More Professional Relationships

Summer is an excellent time to build new relationships and catch up with current contacts. Most busy people might feel less pressure than usual. Encourage them to enjoy the nice weather and spend time outside. So why don’t you take them for ice cream in the sunshine after work? Why don’t you request an early morning walk by the lake while enjoying a cold coffee? A personalized request is vital here. Remember the strategies we teach in our free workshops or read the book “Networking for Nerds” or “Give and Take”.

6 – Practice German and Prepare for an Exam

You have now been in Switzerland long enough to have at least started with German lessons. Ensure you have one exam in your pocket and the certificate in your application file. While the summer is a great time to enjoy your time off, it also has rainy days. Join Heike Reinhart or Yvonne Herrmann-Teubel for a trial class and work on your German. 

7 – Enjoy a Holiday or Home Leave with Your Family

Summer is also the best time to be away from Switzerland. You will probably not miss much, and in emergencies, companies or prospects could also talk to you by video call. Charge your batteries and leave the city for at least two weeks. Your children and partner/spouse will probably love that you have time for them. This is also the best time to go on extended home leave and see your extended family members, high school friends and everyone else you have neglected over the last six months in your protestant Swiss lifestyle (Work, Work, Weekend, Work). If you have the capacity go to our RockMeRetreat Reading and Hearing List for inspiration

Buy the HireMeExpress online program by requesting an account here.  We will release the course as soon as we receive your payment.


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