The Swiss Recruiting Summer Hole

Temperatures are at summer highs, soccer champions are keeping us busy in bars and before you know it we will have reached the summer hole. From Mid July to Mid August Switzerland seems to fall asleep. Recruiting dies down.

Nobody is around to take interviews and your chances of finding a job over the summer holidays are next to zero. If you haven’t signed a contract by now, I bet you won’t sign one within the next four weeks. Yes, I will invite you to a burger if you prove me wrong.

With the start of international and Swiss school holidays, you notice fewer people in the trains and motivation to work is generally a bit lower than usual. This is the time to take overtime compensation, to go home at decent hours and to get out of the country for a while. It’s also time to jump into a lake near you every evening after work.

If you are looking for a job right now you probably feel that you are late. AND the most common reaction I see from clients is to stop all efforts over the summer. This is counter-productive. You could still use this time for your job search by doing these six important steps for finding a job in Switzerland (and maybe elsewhere too.)

1) Finalize your brand

My advice is that you finalize your personal branding. You need to have your three professional “labels” ready and I want to see them on LinkedIn (below your name). You should know how you will introduce yourself to a recruiter. You should write a story that explains why you chose the profession you currently have, what you like about it and where your next step will take you.

You should also have your personal business cards printed, have your headshot taken and a decent email ID. You might also want to revisit why a personal brand is important and how it links to your seven work principles.

2) Build more personalized professional relationships

Summer is a good time to build new relationships and catch up with your current contacts. Most busy people might feel less pressure than normal. Encourage them to enjoy the nice weather and spend time outside. Why don’t you take them for an ice cream in the sunshine after work? Why don’t you request an early morning walk by the lake combined with a cold coffee? Or you could offer to take over their recycling runs as you have enough time on your hands at the moment for half an hour of them sharing career tips with you. A personalized request is key here.

3) Develop a weekly practice for meeting your contacts

Set yourself a weekly practice for meeting at least one contact. Ask them if they can introduce you to three more professional contacts in your field. If you have doubts about meeting your contacts you probably have not written down your purpose yet. Write down your purpose and add a weekly practice to your RockMe! App.

4) Enjoy the holiday with your family

This is also the best time to be away from Zurich if you are looking for a job. You will probably not miss much and in emergencies, companies could also interview you by phone or Skype in your holiday home. I would advise that you charge your batteries and get out of the city for a minimum of two weeks. Your children and partner/ spouse will probably love it that you have time for them.

5) Book your online exploratory coaching session and join the next HireMe! Group

Commit yourself to a schedule by working with us. The next HireMe! Group after the summer break starts on 24 August 2018. Book it now and get started. If you want to speak to me you can book an online exploratory session now. This will kick-start your job search and I can share more tips with you.

6) Practice German and prepare for the B1-Exam

You have now been in Switzerland long enough and should be on a conversational German level. Ensure that you have a B1-Exam in your pocket (and your application file). While the summer is a great time to enjoy your time off it can also have rainy days. Join Heike Reinhart for a trial class and work on your German at the pool or beach in July and August.

I look forward to talking to you over the summer in person or online.

Angie Weinberger


I am available for online coaching with the special summer deal of CHF 397 (incl. VAT) for the exploratory session of 1.5 hours (instead of 525 CHF + VAT).

We define your goals for the next 9 to 12 months. We come up with a learning plan and weekly practices. I will monitor your progress on a weekly basis in our RockMe! App.




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