The dark force in us – From Darth Vader to Jedi

Do you know Darth Vader, the dark force of many of the Star Wars movies? Did you know that we all have a bit of Darth Vader in us? We are driven by our fears. The Star Wars movies are full of allusions to deep psychology and how our attachments and fears form our behaviors and life. With this post I would like to give you an understanding of how we are influenced by our fears and how you can change to become a Jedi. (Alternatively, you can watch Master Yoda.)


Fritz Riemann, a deep psychologist established a theory based on four basic forms of fear (“Grundformen der Angst”). The four basic forms of angst are formed in our early childhood and determine to a large extent how we behave as grown ups. In the extreme form these fears turn into psychological illnesses.

His “Sith” were the schizoid, depressed, obsessive and hysterical people. You have to be aware that even though these terms have found their way into our everyday language the clinical or chronic version of these illnesses is serious and needs treatment through therapy. I am talking to you as a healthy individual with occasional anxiety.


Carl Gustav Jung, another deep psychologist discovered the “shadow”. Jung assumed that all of our relationships with other people are based on unconscious projections of our own wishes and expectations into their behavior. According to Jung the shadow is the part of us that we have driven into the unconscious as it was unwanted (for example unwanted behavior as a child) as opposed to our “Persona” which was the desired (performing) part of us. Did you ever notice that you don’t like a trait in another person and later someone told you that you have this trait too?


To speak in Star Wars terminology: You might have a bit of Darth Vader in you even though you might be a Jedi most of the time.

Like Darth Vader we were not always “bad like that”. Some of us had negative experiences. Other lost trust in the world because of a traumatic experience. Our education system did not help either. We were ruled by authority and we had to perform. If you did not have your homework back in the 70ies and 80ies you were punished. No one told us that we are great because we are creative or even because we are who we are. We were taught to perform for making it in life. My parents had a different approach but they also were young and idealistic and sometimes forgot their own children over the ones they took care of.


Today when you watch TV or check an ad statement you will see that what is often shown to us is a world full of existential angst OR gold-coated myth of “happy family life”. We are torn between a world to be afraid in and in world were everyone is on happy pills all the time. None of it is real. Imagine, a world where the dark forces rule and were the Sith have won. Everywhere.


But what if for a moment you thought that you could become a Jedi? What if you decided that you did not want to be ruled by anxieties. What if you wanted to be the light and show others to stay “good” or to stay on their mission? What if you could be Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia Organa?


You see that the Jedis confront their fear all the time. They deal with it. They do what they are afraid to do and they fight evil step-by-step. They don’t stop only to collect force.


Real change happens only through action. You need to start by confronting what you are afraid off. Then work on it. Cherish the people who criticize you but don’t let their criticism stop you from what you think it right. Stay on your path. One day you will look back and only see Jedis around you.

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