Publishing the “The Global Mobility Workbook”

Publishing the “The Global Mobility Workbook”

With “The Global Mobility Workbook – 3rd Edition” launch just around the corner, I thought I would talk a little about my journey of completing this book. Every book project is a massive team effort. I realized in June that it would be easy just to quit the project, so I forced myself a little. I used what I call the “people approach to managing projects.” I’ve explained this approach in a module of our RockMeX program.

The People Approach

“The “People Approach to Managing Projects” has several steps. First, you visualize the end result and paint a detailed picture of it. Second, you add post-it notes of people you see connected to this end vision. Third, you consider which role they will play in your end vision. Fourth, you reach out to them and let them know that you need their help. Then, you engage them for a job in your project and finally, you find two commitment buddies who will check in with you on your success and report to them on a weekly basis. It is also vital to tell the world about your project.”

I figured it would help to hire a team of professionals and also tell as many people as possible about my upcoming book launch. We decided that it was essential to launch the book in the fall before the Frankfurt Book Fair and the start of the winter semester. And then, I started to tell the world about the upcoming launch by writing individual emails to at least 100 people in my industry, acquaintances, and friends.

Set a Hard Deadline

Based on the availability of good friends and colleagues, we then decided on a date for the book launch party. With that date in the diary, it was straightforward to move forward. I was asked how I approached revisions with a fresh perspective after having spent so long on the book itself. The thing is, it is important to approach revisions with a fresh mind after having spent so long working with the book’s earlier editions – since 2014, and in some cases, I have worked since 2009.

The Production Phase

Once the manuscript was ready in April, we used it in practice already for workshops. A fresh perspective comes from readers, the feedback of learners, and the experience of working with the cases and the book. Also, each team member brings in a new perspective. One team member is responsible for English language edits, another one helps with captivating titles, and one member handles sales on social media platforms. I want to thank all my team members for working so diligently, especially over the last eight weeks. They helped turn the project into a work of art. I can be a pain sometimes, and they handled me well.

I also think it is important to work in a structured manner and trust that every team member will do their best. So once the edits were done, I did not look at the content anymore, only verified that logic and structure were matching. I also have to admit that the last revision involved some improvisation. I was sitting at Newark airport, and because everything there is payable by credit card, I could not find a place to sit and eat. I’ve stopped keeping a credit card to stop myself from overspending. One of the few habits that help me as a solopreneur.

I took out a small notebook and my iPhone and started to review the final draft of the manuscript. I managed to type down the result of my feedback into a Google Doc, and share it with my graphic designer just before I boarded the plane. It was such a great collaboration that she could work on changes I requested while I was in the air.

Pre-Launch Phase

With the book going live on Amazon last week, we have pre-launched it to the Global Mobility tribe. On 3 October 2019, we will celebrate the book launch, and that is the start of the “launch phase”. In the current phase, selling as many books as possible is important. “Virginia Robot” at Amazon will think you are doing something right and promote your book further. I have been going through different emotions, and my imposter syndrome was trying to sneak in occasionally. So, there were moments when I wanted to stop the project.

The good thing is that this is my third book launch, and by now, I know how these inner corruptors feel. I understand that many artists fear showing their work to the world. It’s the first time I called myself an “artist,” and the first time I changed my LinkedIn profile to say “author.” For me, this was a process of at least seven years, from blogging to publishing a book.

The Devil is in the Detail

I care about details such as words, spelling, grammar, structure, typos, logistics, and my guests!!! The last two weeks have been exciting and intense because I’m not only the author of “The Global Mobility Workbook,” but I am also involved in the major decisions related to production, digital marketing, and launch aspects. And while I have enjoyed every part of it, I also have clients, family, and friends to care for. I wake up at 6 AM on the weekend thinking about the book launch.

Become our Support Gang

Please help us promote the book and use the hashtag #TheGlobalMobilityWorkbook whenever you mention it.

If you tag me, I can appreciate and share your posts on Instagram angie_weinberger.

At the book launch, we will share updates while the event is happening and a post-event video covering the event’s highlights.

Are you an upcoming photographer and videographer in Zurich, willing to cover our event to get exposure?  We will promote you via our social media and at the event. Do let us know if you are willing to volunteer.

Have a productive week ahead.

Kind regards,

Angie Weinberger and Team

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