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With the world going digital and businesses indulging more in online servicing, communications and social interactions have, therefore, become hot spots, especially with the likes of LinkedIn helping Freelance and stay-at-home workers connect and grow.

LinkedIn is no longer a new platform or in its early stages, a well-established and maintained social platform for business-minded individuals and professionals. However, does being a professional on LinkedIn or being a veteran on the site mean you have the best profiles out there? Not at all! Like everything else, each passing moment calls for a new development that brings multiple changes to the platform. So this raises the question: how do you get the professional and sleek-looking profile to stand out?

As an ever-growing platform, certain aspects call for a sturdy base for an end-user, and such can be obtained by adding on and working around a few LinkedIn Must-Haves to boost your profile into the digital world. LinkedIn requires each individual to start by creating their profile, but that’s where most users leave it. There are many options, tips, and tricks to get the most out of your profile and make it attractive.

1 – Use your Real Name on LinkedIn

Your name and title should be exactly how they are in real life. Please refrain from using nicknames or pseudo names like you won’t dare on your resume. LinkedIn is a site full of professionals and businesses looking to get the most out of their work. Hence, keeping it professional will help you get on the bandwagon; people are looking for solutions, not gimmicks!

2 – Use A Professional Headshot

At a glance, your name and photo are the most commonly viewed information regarding yourself. Adding a professional headshot provides the first visual representation of you – do your best! Remember, it will make your profile seven times more likely to be viewed by others.

3 – Optimize Location

Setting your location as accurately as possible helps businesses and other people look for the ones around them, so optimize yours to the best it can be. It’ll help you network where you will work geographically.  It doesn’t apply to digital nomads, yet I recommend using your current location as it will help with offline networking.


4 – Profile Headline

We often wish to see a trailer of an individual before we get to know them for a better understanding; your LinkedIn Profile Headline is just that! You’ve got 110 characters to aptly describe yourself professionally.

5 – Industry Alignment

Looking for a business that matches your skill set? To make that happen, you’ll need to be more visible. With the right words and by being specific about your industry, you’re paving the way for potential employers and connections.

6 – Get Connected

At its core, LinkedIn is still a social platform. What do we do on social platforms? Get Social! Getting “LinkedIn” the site is part of the name. If you don’t have enough LinkedIn connections, you might not show up on as many LinkedIn searches as a 2nd-degree connection as you should.

7 – Be Reachable

It should be easy to find you on other social networks. This is crucial for checking your credibility as a person. Provide your email address and add links to Twitter and Facebook even if you don’t use them professionally.

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**Stacking Up Your LinkedIn Profile: A Comprehensive Guide**

In the competitive world of LinkedIn, being a Swiss army knife with a diverse skill set can set you apart. Here’s how to optimize your profile:

**1. Skills Showcase:**
Become a Swiss army knife of skills! Broaden your repertoire from social media and Newsletters to Copy Editing and SEO. Consider adding skills like Knowledge Management, Learning Management Systems, and Talent Management to highlight your teaching abilities.

**2. Show, Don’t Just Tell:**
Provide tangible examples of your expertise. Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos, share Slideshare/Prezi/PowerPoint presentations, and upload documents from your portfolio. Let your work speak for itself.

**3. Vanity URLs for Elegance:**
Craft a sleek and personalized LinkedIn URL. For a professional touch, opt for a vanity URL like, which stands out from generic URLs.

**4. Consistency is Key:**
Make a habit of weekly engagement. Post updates, comment on relevant content, and endorse your connections. Regular status updates keep your profile active and demonstrate industry engagement.

**5. Endorsements Matter:**
Endorsements not only validate your skills but also impact your visibility in searches. Aim for a variety of endorsements, and consider endorsing others too. A vibrant profile attracts more attention.

**6. Polish Your Achievements:**
Highlight your accomplishments, publications, blogs, certifications, and licenses. Even small achievements contribute to a robust profile. Showcase the wealth of experience you’ve accumulated.

**7. Recommendations Add Credibility:**
Seek recommendations from colleagues and friends to build credibility. These testimonials can enhance your profile’s trustworthiness. Don’t hesitate to ask for them—it’s a powerful way to establish your professional standing.

Elevate your LinkedIn game with these strategies and watch your profile become a magnet for opportunities. Remember, a well-crafted profile is not just a snapshot but a narrative of your professional journey.

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